Jai’s witness ends up dead! 24 Episode 18 Synopsis
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Jai answers Bala’s phone, and when a man on the other end asks if he has “the money,” Jai says he does and makes arrangements to meet the man, who will be wearing a red cap, in 45 minutes at Evershine Park. He tells the plan to Nikita and say that he will have to pretend as Bala and meet the person anyhow to get any further clue.Then, after the call, Jai and Nikita begin searching Bala’s room for the money he was obviously supposed to deliver to the caller. When they don’t find the cash Jai decides to fill a suitcase with magazines and take the risk of cheating the person to meet. Back at the ATU, Gill tells Tej not to tell Jai what happened at the safe house as it could compromise their mission. 

Meanwhile Agent Siddharth arrives at the safe house to find that all agents have been killed, he immediately informs Tej and tells him that while all agents are dead there is no sign of Kiran and Trisha, he then gets into his car and decides to look around.

Veer &Simran are still at the pub but Simran is getting late to go home so Veer offers to drop her and both leave. Meanwhile Jai tells Gill about his planned meeting with Bala’s contact, and Gill reluctantly agrees to back up Jai’s masquerade. Nikita leaves with Pooja for a debriefing at RAW and Aditya leaves for the rally. 

When Veer and Simran arrive at her home, Veer notices some broken flower pots near the house and some damage to the door, he gets alert and decides to go in with Simran. As soon as they enter the house they are attacked by two goons Shashank and Hardik.

Around the same time Raja tries to call Bala but doesn’t get any response, he gets worried and asks Mani to go to the hotel and find out if something has happened.

At Simran’s house, Veer is unconscious while Simran is being questioned by Shashank, the same goon who was chasing her about some drugs which her brother is supposed to have, he asks her where the drugs are. Simran tells Shashank that she has no clue as to what they are saying. Hardik then tells her that her brother had promised to deliver them drugs and that a deal was to go down in a short while. 

As Jai arrives near Evershine Park where Jai plans to meet Bala’s contact, Gill calls and tells him that an agent named Saxena has been assigned to Jai’s backup team. Saxena shortly meets up with Jai and speaks to him in an extremely rude manner. Saxena tells him that he is the younger brother of another agent Devraj Saxena who Jai had caught in a bribery case. Jai is upset and hopes that Saxena will not let his hatred of Jai affect his judgement.

Aditya meanwhile arrives at Sambhaji Park and informs Bhagwat that as soon as Megha and KK arrive they should be let in and made to sit in the VIP enclosure.

Agent Siddharth locates the upturned jeep and as he rushes in he finds the body of Agent Nakul and Fake max but there is still no sign of Trisha and Kiran. 

At the rally, a senior politician introduces Aditya Singhania who gets a rousing welcome, he then proceeds to speak to the audience and tells them that he needs to share some things about his past that weren’t particularly pleasant, alluding to the St. Stephens incident. Naina and Divya react. Megha and KK who are now in the audience are not sure what Aditya is doing as they are hoping that he will announce his resignation and appoint Prithvi as PM.

At the hotel Mani arrives and sees the increased security and ambulances at the hotel enterance. Sensing something is wrong he doesn’t step out of his car and calls the hotel receptionist asking to be connected to another room on the same floor that Bala was staying. The receptionist tells him that the floor was evacuated for security reasons and asks Mani if he wants to leave a message for the guest. Mani realizes that something has happened to Bala and immediately calls Raja who slams his fist in frustration.

Agent Siddharth finally reaches the place where Kirana nd Trisha are but is confronted by a gun pointing at him as Kiran don’t believe that he is an ally, given that even the safe house isn’t “safe”, they no longer know whom to trust. But then Siddharth shows Kiran his ID and she believes him and Agent Siddharth reassures both mother and daughter that he will take them to safety and waits for the police.

At the rally, the audience is shocked on hearing Aditya’s confession about St. Stephens and what happened to Mehek Ahuja a few hours ago. He then tells them that he would like to call Prithvi on stage. Megha and KK look hopeful. Vikrant scans the area hopeful that Raja’s assassin will strike any moment.

In Pune, the goons decide to rough up Veer in order to get information on the missing consignment of drugs when Simran claims that Veer is her boyfriend, Veer is completely shocked by the situation and tell Simran later that they will have to figure out a way to escape and contact the police. 

At the rally, Prithvi comes on stage and plays back the recording of the conversation that he had with Megha, where she admitted that she had ordered KK to kill Mehek Ahuja and plant evidence that would frame Aditya in her murder thereby paving the way for Prithvi’s PMship. Everyone is aghast at this revelation and the police escort Megha and KK out as Aditya and Prithvi conclude the rally.

At Evershine Park, Jai is waiting for the man that Bala was supposed to meet. Finally, he spots a man with a red cap in his pocket and goes to him. He introduces himself as Patil, he then asks Jai to hand him the money. Before giving the bag Jai asks him to repeat what Patil is supposed to do in exchange for the money. Patil says that quite simple he is going to cut the power off in a certain bridge at precisely 7:20 p.m. When Jai goes on to ask where this bridge might be, Patil realizes that something is wrong and that the man standing before him is not Bala. He starts running and Jai begins to chase him. Saxena who is following Patil through the telescopic lens of a sniper rifle tells Jai that he can take a shot. Jai warns Saxena not to do anything as he wants Patil alive. Saxena insists that he will only fire to slow Patil down. Jai begs him not to do it but a moment later Patil collapses into a water fountain, blood oozing out of his body. Saxena who has taken the shot, cocks his rifle.

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