Jai’s intelligent move: 24 Episode 13 Synopsis
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Yakub and his goons are dazed by the car explosion. Yakub and his men come forward to look for Jai and Rohit behind the blown up van but find no one, so Yakub sends a few of his men to block off the main road, and the rest he sends into the forest in pursuit of the Rathod family.


Trisha and Kiran are very concerened about Jai and Rohit’s safety, but seeing the situation Trisha decides that to keep her daughter safe, they cant go back looking for Jai and both of them move forward to find the spot where help from ATU is to arrive.


Elsewhere in the woods Jai and Rohit have survived the blast but Rohit is weakened by his gunshot wound and falters running through the woods, but Jai pushes him ahead.


Back at the ATU, Abhilasha tells Nikita and Tej that Jiah’s mother is coming to pick up Jiah’s son, and asks them to interrogate her and find out what she knew of the 20 lakhs that had been transferred to her account.


Meanwhile, Aditya, convinced Mehek was murdered on his behalf (and horrified by that), returns to the hotel with Prithvi and confronts Naina. He accuses her of engineering the murder via KK, but Naina, while agreeing that they had certainly got a political reprieve because of Mehek’s death,  denies having anything to do with it. Aditya, stunned by her cold reaction, tells her that he intends to come clean about the whole story at the rally, and Naina is horrified at the political repercussions of such an action.

Back in the woods, Yakub gets a call from Raja, and informs him about the current situation where Jai is in the woods and Yakub and his men are trying to find them. Hearing the good news Raja calls Vikrant and tells him that while his team is just minutes away from capturing Jai, he’s already put Plan B in action, as a failsafe backup.


A moment later, Jai and Rohit finally make it to the water tower, but Trisha and Kiran aren’t there, and then we see mother and daughter, hopelessly lost in the woods


Aditya meets Divya only to discover that Divya can never have children because of a procedure. Aditya is furious that perhaps Vikrant had something to do with this but Divya tells him that its all in the past and the best thing to do would be to not dwell on these matters. He tells her of Mehek’s death and his determination to bring the guilty party to book.


At the water tower, Jai tells Rohit to wait, and then heads off again to look for Trisha and Kiran. Jai also calls Abhilasha, so she can tell the backup teams where to find Rohit. As Trisha and Kiran try to get their bearings, they see a pair of Yakub’s men approaching and duck into a nearby shed. At the shed, Nepali, one of Yakub’s men, walks in while Trisha and Kiran hide. Just as Kiran and Trisha are considering using her gun to shoot Nepali, his radio crackles on and they hear Yakub ordering everyone back. Nepali leaves, but alerted by something, he returns almost immediately, ready to shoot. Just as Nepali is about to pull the trigger on Trisha Jai shoots Nepali from behind, killing him. Yakub hears the shots and wonders what they were while the Rathod family runs for the water tower after Jai takes Nepali’s walkie talkie.


At the ATU, Tej and Nikita ask Jiah’s mother about the money in her account. She’s reluctant to answer until they tell her of Jiah’s activities. Finally she admits that the money had been deposited by Jiah there and she knew nothing more about it. 


Back at Aditya’s hotel, Naina insists to Divya that Aditya will lose the people’s trust if he goes public now, and Divya agrees. She tells Aditya that he should wait to get all the facts about Mehek’s death before going public because his primary responsibility lies to the people, the same people he can serve best if he is in power. Aditya is stymied about his next step, but is determined to get to the bottom of the matter.



Back in the woods, Yakub radios each of his men, and two — Tyagi and Nepali — don’t respond. Finally, Tyagi does check in, but as he describes his location, Jai listens in on Nepali’ radio.  When Nepali doesn’t respond at all, Yakub realizes Jai must have got him, and asks Tyagi where Nepali was searching. Tyagi gives the location and Jai, Trisha and Kiran alter their course to avoid Yakub’s patrol.


Back at the hotel, KK comes to meet Aditya. In the privacy of a conference room, KK tells Aditya that if he doesn’t step down from the PM’s position and nominate Prithvi as his successor, KK will ensure the police get proof that will connect Aditya irrefutably to Mehek’s murder, thus ruining his reputation and life forever.  Aditya is stunned by this turn of events.


Meanwhile, Yakub and Karthik find Nepali’ body and realize Jai has taken Nepali’ radio, and can hear everything they say. Back at the ATU, Tej digs up information on Jiah’s secret account, and learns there have been two deposits via wire transfer from Sri Lanka – the same place that Jai’s Operation Trishul was linked with.


In the woods, as the Rathod family approaches the water tower, shots ring out and Jai realizes, from the sound of Yakub’ sniper rifle, who’s shooting. Jai veers off to draw fire away from Trisha and Kiran, and radios Yakub to say the ATU squads will be there any minute. Karthik hears the choppers arrive and escapes from the vicinity. Jai determines Yakub’s position from the gun shot Yakub has been aiming at Jai, and fires back. Just then, the ATU helicopter appears, and when it lands, Trisha directs the ATU Agent Gandhi to Jai’s location. Trisha also says Rohit is waiting in the water tower, but when Kiran goes to get him, he’s gone.


As Jai looks for Yakub, he keeps talking on the radio, and asks what the LTFE had to do with Aditya’s assassination attempt and why he was being framed for it. Yakub remains vague. To his surprise, however, Yakub says he has no idea why the family was kidnapped – he says that they wanted to make it personal and his job was only to follow orders. As Yakub finishes talking, Jai appears behind him, holding a gun to his head. Jai orders Yakub to drop his gun, but Yakub refuses, so Jai kills him. As he does, the ATU commandos rush in and take Jai into custody.



Back in the woods, Jai and his family get into the chopper and leave while Rohit is seeing looking at them hidden somewhere in the woods. Back at the ATU, Nikita reports to Abhilasha that their Colombo contact had informed them of another major transfer of funds to the account of a second assassin who could possibly already be in Mumbai. 

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