Jai will rescue Trisha and Kiran! 24 Episode 10 Synopsis
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Vikrant Maurya is furious with Raja for bungling the assassination of Aditya at the Steel Corporation as now the security will be beyond belief. Raja assures him that they will get Aditya this time. Vikrant leaves and gets a call from Mehek Ahuja telling him that Naina has asked her to drop the story on Aditya in return for giving up the real person behind the conspiracy.

Vikrant is uncomfortable by this line of questioning but Mehek threatens him that if he doesn’t meet her and give her the full inside story, she has the power to destroy him. She hangs up and walks out of the office, her news story on St. Stephens and Aditya shelved for the time being. 

Meanwhile at the ATU, as paramedics leave with Jiah (who’s still barely alive), Nikita announces to the whole ATU that the danger on Aditya Singhania that is still present. Tej compliments her on her aplomb, and she tells him that they should call Jiah’s mother.

Meanwhile, Yakub tries to e-mail Jiah, but gets no reply. 

Back at the hotel suite, Aditya makes it clear to Naina that the party’s association with people like KK is against everything he believes in. When KK arrives to speak with Naina, he realises that despite his years of loyalty, Naina has no intention of giving him a good position in the party. 

On the road in the ATU provided car, Jai finally calls Nikita. Nikita tells him about having spoken with Trisha and that they seemed okay for the time being, but that she couldn’t trace the call. Nikita asks Jai to turn himself in and Jai says that if he did that, he will be immediately arrested and won’t be able to help find his family or the terrorists. He asks about Veer and Nikita says that their agent is on the way to the Military Academy. Jai asks Nikita to check for roadblocks along his route so that he can escape the police who are looking for him. Nikita tells him to take refuge in a parking lot on the way so that he gets off the streets until the hunt for him cools off.

At the hotel, Divya meets with Dr. Aisha who tells her that because of complications arising out of her abortion during the campaign, Divya will never be able to conceive again. Divya is shattered by this news.

Meanwhile at Yakub’s hideout, Trisha asks Kiran to keep a lookout while she calls Nikita using Qureshi’s phone. Tej answers and transfers her to Nikita, who tells her to keep the line open come what may, and then connects her to the line Jai’s on. She asks Mihir to trace that call. Just then, however, Qureshi and Rohit return to their room to look for Qureshi’s phone, and Trisha puts it up on a shelf. Rohit sees the phone, but doesn’t tell Qureshi. Qureshi, frustrated with the loss, leaves the room.

Jai asks Nikita if they’ve managed to trace the call and she tells him that so far Mihir has only been able to trace it broadly to the western suburbs and that he’ll need a little more time. Meanwhile, she tells him that she’s just got news from the police scanner that they’ve identified Jai’s car and they will start looking in parking lots for the same. Right then, Trisha gets back on the phone and talks to Jai while he switches number plates of another car with his own. While he talks to Trisha, asking her to remember any details of where she could be, the police enter the parking lot and start hunting for Jai.

As they talk, Nikita interrupts the conversation and tells Jai that the call seems to be coming from somewhere near Borivali and Gorai. Right then, Qureshi returns to the room. Trisha manages to hide the phone back on top of the beam. As Jai listens, he hears Qureshi frisking Trisha and Kiran. Finally, Rohit tries to pull Qureshi away, but then the phone starts to ring. Qureshi grabs the phone, hears Jai call Trisha’s name, and hangs up. He says he’s going to tell Yakub that Trisha called for help. Rohit reminds him Yakub won’t like that Trisha called from Qureshi’s phone. Qureshi, frustrated slaps Trisha who hits the wall and starts to bleed.

Jai asks Nikita and Mihir how close they were to tracing the call. They’ve only narrowed it down to a very broad area, which isn’t good enough. Jai asks about Jiah only to be told that she succumbed to the blood loss and died. Jai is at wits end to figure out the next step when Tej tells him that they’ve been able to get one name out of Jiah’s encrypted emails that she had been exchanging with Yakub – an investment banker called Tarun Khosla. Jai asks where he can find Tarun and Tej tells him that Tarun has an office in Bandra-Kurla complex, and Jai immediately leaves.

Meanwhile, the time for Mehek Ahuja’s report has come and gone but Aditya realises that she had not come out with the St Stephen’s story as promised. Prithvi also tells him that Jai Singh Rathod, the person who was behind the assassination attempt had escaped from the agents. Aditya is distracted by the news of Mehek Ahuja dropping off the St. Stephens story and has strong doubts that his mother is after this. He tells Prithvi that there were only a few people who knew the story of St Stephens – and none of them had motive to leak it.

A few minutes later, Tej learns of a financial transaction worth 15 crores had happened between Tarun and Yakub. He also tells Nikita that the RAW office is sending Abhilasha Grewal, Nikita’s former associate, to replace Jai as their new boss in the ATU.

Nikita calls Jai and updates him about both these pieces of information, after which Jai calls Tarun’s office to know his whereabouts.

Abhilasha takes over the ATU office and declares Jai a wanted criminal, and asks all the agents to be on the lookout for him, as well as work on the Aditya Singhania case. 

Jai arrives at Tarun’s office, where an assistant says Tarun’s in a meeting and will be heading out of town at 10 a.m. Unable to get to him before he leaves, Jai runs to the car with the intention of intercepting him. When Tarun reaches the car, and it leaves the office premises to get to the airport, Tarun doesn’t realise that his driver is none other than Jai Singh Rathod.

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