Jai uncovers a bigger plan! 24 India Episode 19 Synopsis
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At the Sambhaji Park Rally, pandemonium reigns as everyone reacts to Megha Singhania’s confession recording that Prithvi played for the world to hear. The media frenzy is at a high as the Singhania family is whisked away to their vehicles by the SFG agents.  At the ATU, meanwhile, Gill learns that Trisha and Kiran are safe and on their way to the ATU. He leaves to meet with Jai at Eden Park where Jai’s rendezvous with the Patil has gone down. At Eden Park, Jai and the other agents are trying to control the crowd and get as much information about the dead MSEB employee Patil as they can. Jai is furious with Saxena for having taken the shot that killed Patil, but Saxena is nonchalant. Jai calls Mihir at ATU to find out the location of the bridge that Patil could have been talking about, the one he was meant to cut the power for, at 7.20 p.m. 

Veer and Simran are hostages of the two drug dealers, Shashank and Hardik. The drug dealers question Veer and try to find out how he knows Simran and if he has any knowledge of the drugs that Simran’s brother was supposed to give them. The thugs get a call from Javed Bhai, the man they were supposed to deliver the drugs to; and blurt out their present location in panic. At the ATU, Mihir who’s looking up on Patil finds out about a place in National Park, where satellite images show some kind of a building or bunker that’s hidden from sight. Jai updates Gill – who’s just got to Eden park – about this. Jai and Gill decide to go to the National Park location and check it out. 

Trisha and Kiran reach ATU and are met by Mihir who tells them a medic would check in on them and that they are safe now. Trisha behaves oddly and Kiran is concerned about her mother.  Trisha asks to speak with Jai. They call Jai, who is taken aback to know that they are in the ATU. He is relieved to hear their voices and know that they’re safe. Trisha seems worked up as she speaks with Jai, but Kiran handles the situation, not wanting her father to worry about Trisha. Back at the hotel, Naina Singhania is furious about Aditya coming clean at the rally about the St. Stephens episode. She also tells Aditya that he should’ve come to her with Megha’s confession tape, they could’ve gained great leverage with it. Aditya is openly defiant with Naina for the first time. Aditya consoles Prithvi who is sad that things needed to get to this, and that he had to give up his mother. 

At his hideout, Raja is readying his team to leave for some location when he gets a call from Vikrant who is furious that once again Raja hasn’t managed to come through with getting Aditya assassinated. Raja assures Vikrant that he would live up to his word and Aditya Singhania would be dead before midnight. Vikrant also informs Raja that Bala was stabbed by Pooja and might even be dead, leaving Raja in shock.

Back at Simran’s house, Veer and Simran try to get away, but Javed arrives spoiling their plans. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, the Singhanias switch on the TV to check the repercussions of the revelations at the rally. And everyone is taken aback to see that their action has worked completely in their favour with people and the media alike commending their honesty, even at the risk of losing their place in the government. The Singhania team is ecstatic but Vikrant is deeply upset. At the ATU, Nikita meets with Trisha and the two women speak for the first time, following their volatile exchange at the Safe House where Trisha apologizes to Nikita about her previous behavior.

Back at Simran’s house, Javed finds out that he was being given fake drugs and both parties pull gun on each other and come to a standoff, just then some police officers arrive and Veer realizes that the whole thing was a drug bust set-up and Javed is actually an undercover cop. Veer protests about his innocence and tries to tell them he’s from the Military Academy. But he’s hauled into the waiting police van along with the others, including a petrified Simran. At the hotel, Naina is playing out the events of the day with Divya. The TV polls show that Prithvi is almost neck-to-neck in the popularity charts, along with Aditya. And Naina deduces shocked, that Prithvi has played his cards perfectly and seems to have positioned himself perfectly to be next in line to the Prime Minister’s chair, in fact she doubts that Prithvi could also behind Aditya’s assassination plan.

Nikita calls the Military Academy to check in on Agent Ronak who’s been sent to escort Veer back to Mumbai.  Captain Ajmera of the Academy tells Nikita that Agent Ronak was with him and they were waiting for Veer to return. Nikita asks to speak with Ronak. The imposter, who has killed Ronak and is in his place, is cornered and goes to the phone. But Nikita is called away by Mihir who tells her that Bala has gained consciousness in the hospital. Needing to attend to that, Nikita merely tells the imposter assuming he’s Ronak to hurry back home as soon as Veer got back. The imposter hangs up in relief. 

Jai and Gill reach the National Park. They look at the wilderness and walk around, unable to see any sign of habitation. Gill gets a call that Bala is conscious and tells Jai that they should get back to the hospital to interrogate Bala. Jai tells Gill that he was going to hang around until 7.20 at least, when Patil said the power would be shut off. Jai tells Gill he had a hunch something was going to go down here. Gill leaves for the hospital. 

Veer is in the police van, on his way to the Police Station. Trisha and Kiran are at the ATU, happy and safe and hopeful to be reunited with their family. At the hotel, Naina speaks to Aditya and tells him about her theory about Prithvi. Aditya refuses to believe her. But as if on cue, the news anchor on TV talks about how Prithvi has emerged the hero in this entire revelation at the rally. Aditya looks across at Prithvi and sees a cryptic smile on his cousin’s face that makes Aditya wonder if there might be some truth to his mother’s theory after all. At the National Park, Jai walks about, trying to see what might be hidden there, unaware of a mysterious pair of eyes in the distance watching him through a pair of binoculars.  

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