Jai turns kidnapper! 24 Episode 9 Synopsis
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Trisha and Kiran are at gunpoint counting the last few seconds of their lives, when Yakub calls off the murder in light of Max’s last minute phone call as he understands that till the time wife and daughter are alive Jai Singh Rathod can be continued to be used. As Qureshi returns Trisha and Kiran to the guesthouse at Yakub’s compound, at the Steel Construction meeting Jai is arrested as the assassin and dragged away by the SFG agents. Divya, Naina and Vikrant are driven away from the site and Divya is shocked about how close Aditya got to being attacked. Naina tells her to keep her spirits up. Her conversation is interrupted by a call from Dr. Aisha who tells Divya that she would like to meet her in person to discuss an important matter.

Meanwhile, at the ATU Jiah tells Nikita and Tej that she’s been taking instructions from a man and helping the assassins for the money. Nikita convinces her to help them as Jai’s family is still in danger. Jiah confesses to linking the ATU surveillance system to Yakub’s feed, and Nikita asks her to turn it off without arousing suspicion.. 


Back at the power plant, agent Farooqui talks to Jai, who insists he was trying to get caught to alert the agents to a real assassin in the room, but Farooqui doesn’t believe him. A bit later, Yakub sees his ATU monitors go dark, but then Jiah calls to say she had to turn off the feed because agents were close to finding out how Jiah tapped into them. Meanwhile, Nikita tells Mihir to take over all of Jiah’s projects, and he gripes about the amount of work he now has to do. 

Back at the power plant, Jai tells Farooqui that Aditya’s life is still in danger. But Farooqui refuses to entertain his pleas. Jai asks to speak with Pradhan, but Farooqui cuts him off. As the other agents walk Jai out of the power plant, he opens a valve that unleashes a curtain of steam, allowing him to slip away and escape through an emergency door. Just as he runs out, he sees a young girl, a struggling actress, Sapna sitting in a parked car. He points his gun at her and orders her to drive. They enter an abandoned construction site and take refuge there.

At the Singhania hotel, an unharmed Aditya returns to his suite much to the relief of Prithvi and the other aides. Prithvi apologises for not being by his side at that moment but Aditya brushes it all aside and addresses everyone there giving them assurances of his well-being. 

Jai in the meanwhile is able to get a makeshift telephone connection and makes a call to Nikita. Nikita tells him about Jiah being the mole but despite talking to Jai, Jiah says that she will not offer more information unless she is assured of full immunity. Jai tells Nikita to get Jiah’s son Rahul to the ATU as a way of motivating Jiah to talk. He also tells her to send him a car with a phone and weapons to the construction site where he’s holed up as well as to send an agent to the Military Academy to collect his son Veer.

At the hotel, Prithvi tells Aditya that Naina suspects him of being the leak. Aditya tells him to not worry about what Naina thinks, but instead to always be with him. Prithvi smiles but assures Aditya that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Mehek Ahuja doesn’t go on air with the story.

At the construction site, Sapna begs Jai to let her go but he says not yet. Sapna doesn’t believe him and starts to walk out. Jai stops her, however, aiming his gun, and says that since he has killed two people since midnight – and accused of an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister – she should probably be somewhat afraid of him. She’s disbelieving that this person in front of her could be an assassin when a news report on the television confirms the story. Sapna settles back down and asks him about what he had said to Jiah that his family was in danger and that’s why he was in this situation, and Jai tells her that that’s why he must get to the bottom of the mystery – to save his family as well as prove himself to be innocent.

Back at the hideout, Qureshi, who’s been itching to have sex with Kiran, sees mother and daughter asleep. He forces himself on Kiran but Trisha wakes up and offers herself in Kiran’s place and pulls Qureshi closer to herself. Just then Rohit enters the room and tells him that Yakub needs him to do something. Qureshi is annoyed with the interruption but tells Trisha that he will be back.

Jai in the meanwhile calls up the Military Academy and discovers that Veer has left with his classmates for training. He calls up the ATU and learns from Tej that they have already sent off an Agent to the Academy to collect Veer, and that the car he had requested will reach him in a few minutes.

At the hotel Naina gets all the information possible on Jai from Pradhan. She then talks to reporter Mehek Ahuja, who’s about to broadcast the story about St. Stephens and Aditya. Naina wins Mehek’s promise to hold off for a while by telling her that a senior government officer was arrested at Aditya’s rally, and hinting there may be a government conspiracy afoot to kill Aditya. 

Back at the Yakub’s hideout, Trisha and Kiran realise that they have to find ways to get out of the place. Trisha pulls out a phone she had stolen from Qureshi’s pocket and dials ATU. Nikita tells her to keep the line open as they trace the location of where that call is originating from. Just then a thug enter their room and Trisha is forced to hang up.

Meanwhile, Rahul, Jiah’s son, is brought to ATU. Jiah sees him and realises that if she doesn’t co-operate with Nikita and Tej and tell them all she knows about Yakub, they will tell Rahul that his mother is a traitor. She tells them that she’s been communicating with the terrorist Yakub through emails, and he’s been depositing cash into her account. Tej asks Nikita to access Jiah’s accounts to trace the deposits and maybe get a lead from that. 

Unknown to Jai, two cops spot the abandoned car outside the construction site. Inside, Jai is finally able to speak with Sapna about his predicament. Sapna starts to understand him and he hands over his gun to her so that she can shoot through his handcuffs. By this time, cops alerted about the presence of the car, start positioning themselves all over the place. When a gunshot goes off, everyone draws weapons ready to shoot Jai. But Sapna, pretending to be his hostage, helps Jai escape from the police, and get to the car that Nikita had arranged for him.

Back at the ATU, When Tej and Nikita go back to Jiah, they find that she has cut her wrists. A heavily bleeding Jiah says that the terrorists would also have used her son as leverage forcing her to do what they wanted. A few minutes later, as paramedics try to revive Jiah, her cell phone rings. Tej and Nikita know it’s Yakub, but also know they can’t answer without putting Jai, Trisha, and Kiran in further danger.

Yakub is furious about not being able to contact Jiah, but then gets a call from his boss – Raja.

Raja tells him to not mess up otherwise the consequences will be huge. Yakub reassures him that the assassination will progress as planned. Raja hangs up and looks at his partner who steps out of the shadows. It’s none other than Vikrant! 

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