Jai stops Aditya’s assassination! 24 Episode 8 Synopsis
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At the Singhania hotel, everyone is preparing to get to the Labour Union Meeting at the Steel Corporation. Naina gets annoyed with Aditya’s intention to tell all to the media there but Divya chooses to support his decision.

At the same time, the assassin, Max, signs in as the photographer Max Ferrarro for the rally. Yakub tells him that Jai will be there shortly. Yakub asks Jai to get to his next destination but when Jai resists, Yakub puts Trisha on just long enough for Jai to hear her voice and then orders him to take the briefcase which is placed in the backseat of his car and take it to the Steel Corporation.

Back at the ATU, Mihir asks Jiah when Nikita’s coming back, miffed that he was called in at 5:30 a.m. and now has nothing to do. Jiah shrugs him off and walks away to the server room. Jiah doesn’t know what to make of Nikita’s disappearance but she gets a call from Yakub who informs her that Nikita is dead.

Meanwhile, Yakub throws Trisha into the locked guest house where Kiran is being held, and they embrace. Not wanting to break the news to Kiran of Jhanvi’s death, Trisha only tells her that Jhanvi got to the hospital. 

At the same time, Nikita however, still on the run from the place where Jai had shot her, is still a little disoriented. She looks at her phone and sees a missed call from Jiah’s office phone. She calls back but doesn’t get Jiah on her desk. Her phone dies on her. Meanwhile Tej is completely shocked at what he has seen on the security footage of Jai taking Nikita away from ATU. Nikita flags down a car and uses the driver’s phone to make a call to Jiah. But this time, Tej answers. Nikita asks Tej to bring Jiah to the phone, but when Tej goes to get Jiah, he hears her tell Mihir that she just talked to Nikita. – an obvious lie. Tej insists Nikita tell him what’s going on, and when he tells her what he overheard Jiah saying, they both realize that Jiah’s the traitor. 

Back at the power plant, Aditya arrives, and Jai checks in with his ATU ID, carrying the case Yakub provided, which contains a laptop computer. As Jai comes into the main room, he looks around and is greeted by Farooqui, the security head. Meanwhile, “Max” enters the premises using the access card stolen from the real photographer Max, and is welcomed by Pooja. Finally Jai enters the premises and Max sees him with the suitcase and smiles.

Then Aditya, Divya and Naina enter the Steel Corporation and get involved with the event. Vikrant arrives much to Divya’s relief but he refuses to tell her where he had been all this while. 

Back at the guesthouse, Rohit brings breakfast to Trisha and Kiran, but Trisha realizes he’s one of the kidnappers, but Kiran tells Trisha that he’s helping them. Just then, Qureshi warns him not to make friends with the prisoners, since they’ll be dead soon. 

At the power plant, Pooja introduces Aditya to “Max” as he snaps their picture. Jai tries to slip Farooqui a warning message, but another Yakub thug, present there in disguise, bumps Jai away. Yakub warns Jai to not try anything smart if he wants to see his family alive.

Tej disables some of the cameras and walks Nikita back into the ATU. She explains Jai is being used by someone who has kidnapped his wife and daughter. Nikita suggests they find out more before telling anyone, but Tej insists they report the danger to the SFG right away. He calls up Agent Pradhan who is the personal Security Chief of Aditya Singhania’s detail, and tells him that Jai is there and involved with the assassination plot against Aditya. Pradhan is stunned. 

Meanwhile, the assassin Max meets Jai on the floor above the Labour Union meeting which is a great vantage point for the assassination. Max asks Jai to open the suitcase and assemble the weapon. Jai realises that the plan is to kill Aditya and frame him in the process. 

Pradhan asks Aditya to cancel the speech in light of the new intel but Aditya says that he must speak and he has full faith in the ability of Pradhan and his team to protect him. Agent Pradhan tells his team to be on the lookout for Jai Singh Rathod.

At the ATU, Tej tells Mihir that the real key card has been found, and Jiah starts to fidget. She wants to tell Yakub about the new development and goes to the server room – where she meets Nikita! Jiah knows that the game is up and tells Nikita and Tej that her role was simply to keep updating the person at the other end of the phone about what was happening on the case. When pressed for more details, Jiah clams up and asks for a lawyer. 

Meanwhile, at the power plant, Aditya steps up to the podium, and Yakub orders Jai back into the main room. As Aditya speaks, Max tries to get a clean shot. Jai alerts the SFG agents standing below by dropping a piece of broken glass.  As Max aims at Aditya, a SFG agent comes into the room and sees Jai there. Immediately suspicious, he steps in and Max screams at Jai to handle the agent. Just as Max is about to take a shot, Jai reaches for the agent’s gun and shoots on the floor – creating a massive ruckus. Pradhan rushes to Aditya’s side and pulls him away from the dias. More agents pour into the room. Max, his attempt foiled, slips out of the room. When Yakub realises that the attempt has been foiled, he’s furious and orders the death of Trisha and Kiran. 

But Max calls up Yakub and tells him that Jai hadn’t deliberately interfered but he had definitely been apprehended at the Steel Corporation. Back at the Steel corporation, apprehended by the SFG agents, Jai realises that his family is in tremendous danger when, in the scuffle, Jai loses his earpiece and the only contact he has with the kidnappers of his family.

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