Jai shoots Nikita! 24 Episode 7 Synopsis
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As the assassin, Max, picks up his cameras and tells Yakub he’s leaving, Yakub points Jai to a keycard hidden on his car visor. Meanwhile, at the ATU, Mihir decodes information about some names of plastic surgeons from the card that Jai had brought in earlier. Nikita realises that it’s likely that the assassin had had a plastic surgery performed and assumed a new identity that could allow him access to Aditya Singhania. 

About the same time, Naina accuses Prithvi of being the person who could have leaked the St. Stephens story to Mehek Ahuja as he would have the most to gain from Aditya’s loss of credibility. Prithvi denies it and Aditya jumps to his defence but Naina is not convinced.

 Back at Yakub’s compound, Kiran asks Rohit to help her escape, but he says he’d rather wait until Yakub lets him go, then go for help. Kiran, however, says she doesn’t believe Yakub will ever let Rohit go. 

Finally, Jai arrives at the ATU, and Yakub instructs him, via earpiece, to replace the keycard Mihir is working on with the new one. When Jai gets to the office, Nikita tells him they identified the John Doe corpse as Abhay Gupta. As soon as he’s alone, Jai demands that Yakub tell him who’s really with Trisha. Yakub just fires a gun reminding him of the danger that Kiran is in and insists Jai make the keycard switch in the next three minutes. As Jai tries to figure out how to do it, Yakub calls Abhay’s cell phone and leaves a message warning that Trisha’s on to him. 

Meanwhile, Trisha, aware that the man in the car with her is an imposter, asks Abhay to pull over on a back road, saying she’s going to be sick. He stops and as she runs off into the bushes. Abhay turns on his phone and gets Yakub’s message. Immediately, he goes to look for Trisha, but doesn’t see her. Seeing her chance, Trisha appears from the bushes and smashes him in the head with a rock. The two of them struggle, but eventually Trisha hits him again, knocking him out. 

As Trisha ties Abhay to a tree, Jai, at the ATU, starts to write a note to Nikita, revealing how Yakub is controlling him. Yakub sees the note on a hidden camera and forces Jai to shred it. Back at Yakub’s compound, Yakub says he has more chores for Rohit, and Rohit realizes Kiran was right – there’s no way that Yakub will let him go.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Naina tells Divya that she doesn’t want Vikrant at the rally. Divya tries to reach him on the phone but he’s unreachable. What she doesn’t know is that Vikrant is having an affair with Mehek Ahuja! 

Back at the ATU, Jai creates a diversion around Mihir, and switches the keycards during the distraction. Mihir goes back to work, but has a problem with the keycard data… until Jiah suggests a technique that gets him going again. On the back roads, Trisha starts to flag down another car, but Abhay wakes and says if anything happens to him, she will never know where her daughter is.

 Meanwhile, in Jai’s office, Yakub tells Jai to call Aditya’s hotel and get full security clearance for Aditya’s breakfast speech. Outside, Mihir continues to have problems with the keycard data, and tells Nikita that all was fine until Jai had come to his station.. Nikita goes to Jai’s office, says she knows he switched the keycards, and demands he return the original. With Yakub pressuring him, Jai pulls a gun on Nikita and leads her out of the office. 

Back at Yakub’s compound, Rohit meets Kiran in a shed and tells her that he believes her and the only way out is for them to get out together. But before they can decide what to do, Yakub’s thug, Qureshi, comes looking for Rohit. Quickly, Kiran kisses Rohit, pretending he initiated it, and struggles. Qureshi grins leeringly and backs out, and Rohit shows the layout of the hideout to Kiran and the best way out.

Back on the back streets, Trisha dials Jai’s cell phone, but an anonymous man answers, saying he found Jai’s phone in the hospital parking lot… so Trisha calls Jiah, who offers to send someone from the ATU to pick Trisha up. 

As Nikita drives the car, taking directions from Jai, who repeats Yakub’s instructions… two agents pick up Trisha and Abhay. When they free Abhay and grab Trisha, she realizes they’re not from the ATU. Then we see Jiah throw away the note about Trisha’s location, revealing her to be Yakub’s agent. Tej tells Jiah about the fact that it was suspicious how Jai took Nikita out of the office and requests to see the footage from the security camera placed in Jai’s room.

Meanwhile, Naina speaks with KK and tells him to find out as much as he can about Mehek Ahuja because that way they can blackmail her to keep the story of St Stephens from coming out.

 Back at Yakub’s compound, Rohit sends Qureshi off to start their next chore, then rejoins Kiran and they run for the fence. 

Yakub tells Jai to instruct Nikita to stop at a remote industrial area… and then tells Jai to take Nikita out of the car and shoot her. Nikita realizes Jai is going to kill her, but he says he doesn’t have a choice, since Kiran and Trisha have been kidnapped. Nikita kneels down… and Jai fires two bullets point blank into her chest. Then, on Yakub’s instruction, Jai gets back into his car and heads for Aditya’s speech venue. 

Back at Yakub’s compound, Kiran and Rohit open a hole under the fence, but then Kiran sees a car arrive and two thugs pull Trisha out. Kiran says she can’t leave, and ran back to save Trisha. Tej in the meanwhile sees in the security footage that Jai had taken Nikita hostage… but also that he had made her wear a Kevlar jacket. 

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