Jai saves Aditya from a bomb: 24 Episode 23 Synopsis
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As Jai drives the car towards Singhania Hotel, Ravindran calls and tells him to meet Aditya and convince him to unfreeze Rs. 1200 crore of LTFE funds which were frozen after Ravindran’s supposed assassination and the LTFE takedown. Ravindran warns Jai that he would call Jai on this phone in exactly half an hour and if Aditya Singhania didn’t answer the phone, Veer would pay for it. Jai asks to speak to Veer, and Ravindran, who has reached the warehouse in the dockyard by then, puts Veer on the phone long enough for Jai to verify that he's OK.

Next, Jai calls Aditya’s suite but is told by a secret service agent that Aditya was busy and he would pass the message and have Aditya call Jai back. Meanwhile, Aditya asks Chief Bhagwat to hold off arresting Vikrant. Aditya spots Prithvi entering the suite and he confronts Prithvi asking him if he had indeed gone to meet Megha in jail. Aditya and Prithvi exchange words and Prithvi tells Aditya that he seemed to have already made up his mind about Prithvi, so nothing he said in his defense would make any difference. Vikrant heads out and Aditya waylays him. Pretending that he wants Vikrant to go over something regarding the Anisha Roy interview, Aditya and Chief Bhagwat move Vikrant to the other suite on the lower floor.

Jai calls Gill at the ATU, and tells him that the LTFE have Veer. Gill replies that they knew about it, they had learnt that Agent Ronak had been killed and an imposter had taken Veer from the Military Academy, but they had gotten this information too late to act on it. Gill asks Jai to return to the ATU, but Jai says that he couldn’t return until he got Veer free. He refuses to give Gill any information about Ravindran and what they wanted. Meanwhile, Nikita tells Jai about Trisha being sent to hospital.

Distraught, Jai asks to be connected to his daughter, Kiran. Jai speaks to Kiran and tells him that everything would be fine. But Kiran realizes that things were not fine and deduces that Veer was in danger. Jai promises her that he would ensure nothing would happen to Veer and he would bring Veer to her and her mother at the hospital soon.

Meanwhile, at ATU, Gill and Nikita figure out that in return for Veer’s life, Ravindran might have sent Jai to kill Aditya Singhania. They call Agent Bhagwat and update him about all that’s happening. Ravindran and Raja get a doctor to attend to Bala but the doctor says that Bala has a lot of internal bleeding and needed to be in a hospital. Suddenly Bala goes into shock and dies before the doctor can do anything, leaving Ravindran distraught.

Back at the hotel, Aditya confronts Vikrant about the phone call to Ravindran, about providing every detail of Aditya’s to enable the terrorist to assassinate him. Vikrant tries to lie his way out of things, but realizes he’s cornered. Just then, an SFG agent tells Bhagwat about another phone call from Jai. Bhagwat informs Aditya about the warning he had received from the ATU regarding Jai and that he might be a pawn in the terrorist’s hands since they had his son.

Aditya asks to speak with Jai. Jai asks for Aditya to meet with him and tells him that he had a message from Ravindran for him and they wanted to speak to Aditya. Aditya mentions about the fact that the terrorists might use Jai to kill him. Jai assures Aditya that all day he had done everything in his power to safeguard Aditya and he would continue doing that. But he needed Aditya to meet him and to speak to Ravindran. Aditya agrees to it. Raja pulls a gun to Veer’s forehead being impatient, but Ravindran stops him and tells him that he would get his chance.

At the hotel, the confrontation with Vikrant gets hairy, Vikrant confesses to aiding and abetting the terrorists to help them assassinate Aditya. Vikrant in a heated moment pulls up a gun and points it at Aditya.. everyone is shocked. Before Vikrant can pull the trigger, he is shot by Divya, who came in to check on Vikrant. Aditya asks for Vikrant to be sent to the hospital, and consoles Divya.

Later Jai reaches the hotel and meets Aditya, he tells him about Ravindran wanting Aditya to clear his LTFE funds. Aditya tells Jai that he had no authority over LTFE money and surely Ravindran would know that. Jai gives the phone to Aditya when Ravindran calls, but realizes that Ravindran has planted a remote controlled bomb on the phone. Jai throws the phone away and ducks for cover with Aditya, and a bomb blasts the entire floor.

At the hotel, Divya and Naina are hastsed with the situation of Vikrant and are concerned for Aditya. Meanwhile Jai decides to do a ruse and spread news that Aditya is dead. Jai says that since Anisha Roy’s team was already at the hotel, they should leak a story to the press that Aditya is dead. Naina is aghast and tells Aditya he shouldn’t even think about it but Aditya agrees to do it. At the ATU, everyone is shocked as Anisha Roy goes on air with the news that Adtya Singhania has been killed in his hotel. Ravindran and his men celebrate the news. Veer is shattered. 

Meanwhile, Jai leaves the hotel and calls up Nikita and tells her that Aditya is actually alive. He tells Nikita that he is going to meet Ravindran now and save Veer to which Nikita offers to send a back-up for him, but Jai refuses help saying he needs to do this alone. Besides there still might be someone providing information to Ravindran and they couldn’t risk Ravindran knowing Aditya was alive. 

Jai calls up Ravindran’s number and speaks with Raja, Jai then offers himself in exchange for Veer.  Raja gives him their address. Jai calls up Nikita and asks her to connect him to the hospital so he could speak with his wife and daughter. Jai speaks to Kiran and asks her to hold the phone to Trisha so he could speak to her although he knew she was in a coma. He tells Trisha that the family needed her and she needed to fight this and get better. Jai then tells Kiran that Veer would be with her very soon. Kiran realizes that Jai is going in for some dangerous mission. She tries to speak to him but Jai hangs up. 

As the country reacts to the news about Aditya’s death, Naina rages about the big mistake that Aditya was making. Aditya reasons with her that a young boy’s life was in danger, but Naina is beyond reasoning. Just then Bhagwat enters the room Aditya and tells him that he had forgotten to give this to Aditya in all that had happened. It’s a letter from Prithvi. Aditya opens the letter and sees that it’s a resignation letter from Prithvi. 

Naina is pacing her room, furious about Aditya’s decision, when she seems to come to a decision. She picks up the phone and makes a call. Somewhere else both Prithvi and Divya picks up their respective phones to make a call. At the dockyard Raja gets a call and is shocked to learn whatever the caller had to say, he turns towards Ravindran after hanging up and tells him that the caller was his insider who gave him the information that Aditya Singhania is still alive. 

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