Jai rescues his family! 24 Episode 12 Synopsis
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As Jai continues to follow Karthik (previously known as Abhay Gupta) Chandrashekhar’s directions to Yakub’ compound, he wonders how much he can trust him. Karthik reminds him of their deal – that Jai will let him go as soon as he takes him to his family’s location – but Jai tells him that the deal is there only if his family is unharmed.

Back at Yakub’s compound, Raja says Yakub’s half-hour is up, and Yakub tells Qureshi to kill the women. Vikrant calls up Raja and asks for progress and Raja informs him that Jai’s family will soon be dead and Plan B is already in motion. 

Qureshi goes to the guesthouse, but before he can do anything, Trisha shoots her gun at him. It misfires, however, and Qureshi takes it away, then pulls out his own gun. Before he can shoot Trisha, however, Kiran jumps him and Trisha grabs his gun, then shoots Qureshi. As he falls, Trisha fires a second shot (so Yakub will think the two women have been killed), and asks Kiran to help her hide the body. 

Prithvi tells Aditya that it would be dangerous to leave the building at this point, given the higher security concerns, but Aditya calls Pradhan and requests him to organise the least possible security required for his trip to Mehek’s house. 

Jai calls Nikita to ask her to forward a satellite image of the area. Nikita tells him Abhilasha is pressuring her to reveal what he’s up to, but promises she’ll continue stalling. 

Aditya and Prithvi strategise in the car on how best to approach Mehek, but Aditya tells him that he will have to do this alone. Abhilasha in the meanwhile, certain that Tej and Nikita aren’t revealing all that they know about Jai, asks her aide to dig up background on Tej that she can use to make him start talking. The aide tells her about the tension between Jai and Tej about Nikita. 

Meanwhile, at Yakub’ compound, Trisha and Kiran hide Qureshi’s body and start planning their escape. A few minutes later, as Jai pulls up to the compound, Nikita sends him the satellite view, and he asks her not to say anything to Abhilasha until his family’s safe. At the compound gate, Jai puts Karthik in the driver’s seat, then hides behind it, holding a gun. 

Meanwhile, Aditya and his entourage reach close to Mehek’s house but they see a lot of activity – police and fire trucks. Aditya asks Pradhan to investigate what is happening. Pradhan tells him that there was an explosion, and Aditya realises that it was Mehek’s house that was blown up.

 Naina and Divya talk about Megha Singhania’s possible retaliation now that Mehek’s story was shelved and Divya tells her that they won’t have to worry about Megha anymore. Meanwhile, Jai and Karthik arrive at Yakub’s camp and NEPALI, another thug in Yakub’s employ, admits him, not realizing Jai is in the car. Jai asks Kathik which building Trisha and Kiran are in, and Kathik points to an old barn building. Kathik tries to grab Jai, but Jai knocks him out. He drags Kathik into the car, and then creeps to the barn shed.

Vikrant also get to Mehek’s house and realises that she’s dead. Shocked by this turn of events, he gets back to the hotel.

At Yakub’s compound, Yakub realises that Raja’s at end of his patience. He tells Raja that Jai’s family has been killed. Then he calls Rohit to ask him of the whereabouts of Qureshi. Meanwhile, Jai starts investigating the camp. He gets into the barn – only to realise that its empty. Trisha, in the meanwhile, readies with Kiran to leave the building. Just as they’re leaving, Jai enters. The family is reunited.

Meanwhile, at the ATU, Abhilasha suspends Nikita and Tej because she’s certain that they’re helping Jai. Jai at the same time questions Trisha and Kiran about everything they got to know of the people holding them. Just then Rohit knocks and Jai draws his gun, but Trisha and Kiran convince him that Rohit is on their side.

Back at the ATU, Abhilasha orders Jai and Nikita to separate interrogation rooms, saying the first one to talk gets to keep their job. She questions Tej first, but he still insists he doesn’t know where Jai is, and she gives him 10 more minutes to think about it. 

Back at the guesthouse, Rohit offers to get them a van so they can all get away. Just then, Yakub calls on the walkie-talkie. Rohit answers and says Qureshi is outside digging a grave for the women. Although Yakub buys it, Rohit says they’ve only bought about five minutes, and Jai tells him to get the van. 

Meanwhile, Nepali stumbles onto Kathik, still unconscious in his car, and goes for the walkie talkie. Rohit gets to his van, but as he starts it, Yakub raps on the window and asks where he’s going. Just then, Nepali radios Yakub, tells him about Kathik, and Yakub orders Rohit to come with him. 

Aditya is certain that Mehek’s death was not an accident and figures that the only person who could possibly be behind it is KK. And then he realises that the only person KK takes his orders from is his mother Naina Singhania.

A few minutes later, Abhilasha returns to Tej’s interrogation room, but as she starts to question him again, Jai calls. He tells Abhilasha that he’s found the people behind the Aditya hit, and that he hasn’t been in touch because the assassins are holding his wife and daughter. Jai insists he’s told no one at the ATU, and asks Abhilasha to send aerial backup. After the call, Jai tells Trisha and Kiran that he’s also sent someone to get Veer from the Military Academy, and he announces to them his intention of resigning from the ATU to spend more time with the family.

Back at the ATU, Abhilasha lets Nikita and Tej go, saying she’s heard from Jai and sent several units to help him. After Abhilasha leaves, Tej tells Nikita he was on the verge of confessing, but Nikita says she’s grateful he held his silence as long as he did. 

Meanwhile, as Rohit watches, Yakub and Miller pull Kathik out of the car. He regains consciousness, tells them Jai is there, and Yakub immediately radios an order to lock down the facility. In the excitement, however, Rohit jumps into the van and speeds back to the guesthouse. Jai, Trisha, and Kiran get in, and drive away just as Yakub’ armed guards swarm the building. 

As they tear away, Jai crashes the van through the main gate, dodging bullets from Yakub’s guards. As they leave, however, a bullet hits a back tire and the van skids to a stop near some woods. Jai and the others jump out and Jai tells them to run to a nearby water tower, where the ATU can find them. Rohit offers to stay with Jai, and together, they exchange gunfire with Yakub’s men. To create a distraction Jai severs the van’s fuel line, then ignites the spilling gas, creating a fiery barrier but just before escaping Rohit is hit by a bullet and Jai comes to save him but before he can the van explodes. 

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