Jai loses Bala as he gets stabbed! 24 Episode 17 Synopsis
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Max runs up to the overturned jeep to find the limp bodies of Trisha, Kiran and Nakul. He calls Raja to tell him that the job is done and the women are dead. Just then Kiran shoots him and he collapses to the ground.

Meanwhile at the NDA Veer and his fellow cadets complete a grueling trek in record time and a happy Major Rana gives them some time off, the boys decide to go into town and relax a bit. At the same time fake Raunak arrives at the military academy only to be told that Veer will be back on the hour and the best thing for him would be to wait till his return.

At Singhania hotel, Jai introduces Nikita and several ATU technicians to Agent Bhagwat, and as the technicians wire Bala’s room with fiber optic cameras, Jai briefs Pooja on her role in catching Bala. 

Kiran tries to help her mother out of the jeep but soon realizes that her mother is completely gone numb from the shock of what has just happened, Kiran rests her against a tree and then rushes up to the road to flag a car down for help but seeing her bleeding, the driver panics and drives off.

At the hotel Aditya voices his concern over the entire operation and using Pooja as bait, he warns Jai that if anything goes wrong, Jai will be responsible for it.

At the rally, crowds begin to pour in and soon Sambhaji Park is a sea of people awaiting their hero – Aditya Singhania.

Back at the military academy, fake Officer Raunak comes to know that Veer has gone into town to party and says that its imperative that he finds Veer as soon as possible and goes looking for him.

At the ATU, Tej is concerned that no one at the safe house is answering the phone and hence asks Agent Siddharth to go there and confirm that all is well. 

Meanwhile, Bala calls Raja to say he’s on his way to see Pooja again, and Raja warns Bala to be careful about the whole thing as they cant trust anyone, not even Pooja, Bala says that he’s not getting involved with Pooja and is using her. At the hotel, Jai gives Pooja a tracking device and asks her to plant it in Bala’s wallet. He also gives her a code phrase to use if anything goes wrong, and promises to break in with a Commando team the moment she uses it. 

Meanwhile at the pub Veer and his friends are having a good time when he is distracted by a pretty girl Simran, who seems worried, as a lecherous looking man has been eyeing her for some time. Veer befriends her and tells her to join them assuring her that she will be safe. 

At the hotel as Jai and team are waiting for Bala to show up, Jai notices something wrong with Nikita and again presses her for the real reason as to why she left the safe house. Nikita finally confesses that Trisha found out that Jai has stayed at Nikita’s place after leaving Trisha and there is something more between them. Just as the tension rises between them, an agent radios that Bala has just arrived outside. As Bala gets comfortable in his room, Pooja knocks. When he admits her, he senses she’s nervous, but she attributes it to the election and asks for a drink. As Bala goes to make the drink, rifles through his things, finds his wallet, and tries to plant the tracking device in it. She drops the device just as Bala enters with her drink. Bala kisses her and grills her about Aditya’s schedule for the rest of the day, but Pooja stalls and asks him to order some food. 

When he leaves, she slips the tracking device into his wallet. Meanwhile Bala returns with a gift for Pooja – a pearl necklace and asks her to wear it at the rally. Jai in the other room realizes that the necklace is not a real necklace but a bomb and that Bala intends to use Pooja to kill Aditya.

As arranged, Jai reaches for his cell phone to call Pooja (pretending to be Aditya summoning her), but when the phone rings in Bala’s room, Pooja doesn’t answer it. As Raja tells Pooja that he loves her, Pooja continues to ignore the phone, and Jai and Nikita get nervous. Finally, just as Jai decides to break in, Pooja grabs a knife and stabs Raja repeatedly. A moment later, Jai bursts in with the Commando team.

At the rally Vikrant calls Raja and tells him that security is too tight, he hopes that Raja has a plan to bypass the security. Raja laughs and says that his plan is too close for Aditya’s comfort.

At the hotel, Jai gets a phone call from Gill, who’s furious to learn what happened to Bala. Aditya runs in and goes to talk to Pooja just as a phone rings and Nikita sees the phone only to realize its Bala’s. Everyone is looking up at Jai to understand what to do now..

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