Jai is Ravindran’s hostage! 24 Episode 21 Synopsis
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Raja and his men get ready to blow up the entrance to the detention facility. Murad is upset with Jai about getting violent with the prisoners. Back at the ATU, Nikita and Mihir come upon some shocking information. Nikita asks Mihir to send the file to Jai right away. She then calls Gill and they watch the video that Mihir has managed to decrypt from among Singh’s files. It is a video of plastic surgery being conducted on someone and Jai, who is looking at the video on his phone realizes that the person masquerading as the Cook was none other than infamous LTFE Chief Ravindran who was presumed dead all these years.

Jai realizes that the doors are electronically powered, so they won’t shut and the prisoners can’t be secured. They hear an explosion and everyone is thrown to the ground. In the police station holding cell, Shashank and Hardik bait Veer into losing his temper, and pushed to a corner, Veer reacts with his military training and beats them up. As Raja and his men enter the detention facility, and Jai and Murad are getting away with the prisoners, Jai tries to call ATU. Meanwhile, Nikita informs Gill that they have learnt about a the Sub Station powering the National Park being blown up. Jai gets through to ATU and tells Gill about the explosion. He assures Gill that he is fine and that Murad and he along with the guards are moving the prisoners towards the South Side. Jai asks Gill about the backup team and is told they should reach Jai soon. At the hotel, Prithvi is met by Vikrant. Prithvi is deeply upset about the way Naina has shut him out of everything. Vikrant assures Prithvi that the day would not end well for the Singhanias. Aditya watches the two from a distance and tries to read into their sudden closeness. In the underground cell, Raja tells his men not to shoot or use any firearms until their men were safe. 

At the ATU, Nikita tries to console a confused and distraught Kiran who is worried about her mother’s collapse and wonders if all that had happened that day was her fault. At the detention facility, the prisoners are being shepherded by Jai and Murad but they are watchful for anything that would help them get away. About the same time, Gandhi and his back-up team from ATU has reached the National Park and await orders as Gill tells them he’d get a clear picture from Jai so they could proceed as advised. 

Just then, Raja and his men catch up with Jai and Murad and in the ensuing scuffle, Murad and his men are killed and Jai is captured. Nikita tries to get through to Jai, but cannot reach him. 

Back at the hotel, Aditya confronts Prithvi and asks him why he was behaving oddly and what he really wanted from Aditya. Aditya pointblank asks Prithvi if he was looking for a position of greater power and Prithvi doesn’t deny the accusation. As Aditya continues to grill Prithvi, the latter walks out, upset, defiant and furious. At the detention facility, Ravindran hits Jai hard and says he had waited to take Jai down for a long time. Ravindran then asks Raja where his son Bala was, he was hoping to see him here. Raja – working from the information Vikrant had given him – tells Ravindran that Bala was dead. Ravindran is heartbroken and furious. He points the gun at Jai and is ready to pull the trigger when Jai tells him that Bala was alive.

Meanwhile, at the ATU, Nikita gets a call from Colonel Ajmera at the Military Academy that Veer was missing. Just as Gill is wondering how to get this news to Jai, the phone rings. It’s Raja calling from Jai’s phone. Ravindran comes on the line and tells Gill that they had Jai and that he would call soon with his demands. Gill calls Sood at RAW and informs him about all that had gone down with Jai and that Ravindran was alive. Sood is shocked and tells Gill that no one could know about this, that Ravindran was under their noses all this while. Sood then orders Gill that the back-up team had to end Ravindran and his men, no matter what the casualties were. Even as Gill tries to reason that Jai might be collateral damage, Sood tells him they had to get Ravindran, even if it meant losing Jai. Nikita is shocked, and realizes that Jai might be killed if the order was carried hrough. 

Meanwhile, in the police station Veer is brought in front of the Inspector for questioning. Veer tries to reason with the officer, telling him that he was a student of the Military Academy and that his being there was all a misunderstanding but the officer refuses to listen to Veer. As he’s talking to the officer, Veer overhears some people talking and recognizes the voice of Major Rana, his training officer. Veer calls out to Major Rana, who greets Veer with utter relief. They have been moving from one police station to another and looking in hospitals, fearing the worst. Veer asks for a phone so he can call his family. Veer speaks with Kiran, unable to get through to his father. Kiran doesn’t tell Veer about their mother’s state, just asks him to get home soon. Veer hangs up promising his sister he’d do just that. He then asks the senior police officer to look out for Simran, the girl he was caught with. He tells the inspector that she was as much a victim of misunderstanding as he was. At the National Park, Gandhi and his team from ATU enter the detention facility and split up, looking for Ravindran, Raja and their men. 

Back at the hotel, Divya notices Aditya’s preoccupation and gently veers his attention towards the live interview with Anisha Roy that was less than an hour away. As Raja and Ravindran – with Jai in tow move towards the south exit, Raja gets a call from Vikrant who tells him about Aditya’s press conference. Vikrant tells Raja that he has arranged for a pass for him. This was the last opportunity for Raja to kill Aditya Singhania. Raja assures Vikrant that it would be done. Raja and Ravindran with Jai emerge from the South Exit where Mani and a couple of other men are waiting for them. The back up team unknowingly triggers a bomb, killing most of them and reduces Jai’s chances of escape. Jai is with Ravindran and Raja and they ask him to call Gill. Ravindran then calls Gill and tells him that they enable Ravindran to talk to Bala otherwise Jai would be killed.

At the Military Academy, Fake Raunak aka Roshan is glad to get his hands on Veer. He bids goodbye to Colonel Ajmera saying they had a long drive ahead. Just as Roshan is getting out the gate, Colonel Ajmera calls him back and tells him that a chopper was leaving from the Military Academy to Mumbai, and Veer and Roshan could hop a ride on it.  Roshan makes a call to Raja and tells him about the change of plans. At the detention facility, the surviving members of the ATU back-up team call up Gill and tell him that Gandhi is dead and that Ravindran and Raja have managed to escape with Jai in tow. Jai is in the car with Ravindran and Raja when the call to Bala comes through, and Ravindran, assured that Bala is alive, makes a deal with Gill regarding exchange of Jai and Bala. He tells Gill that he will call back with the time and place of the exchange. On the other hand Veer and Roshan are in the chopper on their way to Mumbai and back in the Military academy officer Sanghma goes to park agent Raunak’s car but discovers blood coming out of the trunk, when he opens it he finds the dead body of the real agent Raunak.

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