Jai is at Ravindran’s mercy! 24 India Episode 22 Synopsis
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At the ATU Mihir who was working on finding the list of people who had accessed the schematics of the underground cell finds one name at the top of the list. The person who has accessed the information as recently as a few days ago is Vikrant Maurya – Aditya’s brother in law. Back at the hotel, Vikrant joins Prithvi who is leaving the hotel suite. The two leave together. At the ATU, Nikita shares the information about Vikrant with Gill. Gill is shocked. Nikita asks Gill whether he had spoken with Sood about Ravindran’s demand of Bala in exchange of Jai. Gill says Sood wouldn’t hear of it. Nikita tells Gill that maybe there was a way to get Sood to listen.

In the ATU Medical Bay, Trisha’s condition worsens and Dr. Lall decides that Trisha needs to be shifted to a hospital, since they were not equipped to deal with the extent of what’s wrong with her. Kiran is distraught on hearing about this and wishes her father were there.

Back at the hotel, while Aditya is prepping for the Anisha Roy interview, he asks about Prithvi and is told that Prithvi and Vikrant had left for someplace together. Whike Aditya is wondering about this, he gets a call from Nikita and Gill.  Jai, meanwhile along with Ravindran and Raja reach the home of an old associate of Ravindran’s named Sivam. Jai tells Ravindran that he was not going to get away with anything. Every step of the way, Ravindran’s ploys had been foiled and that would happen again. Raja diabolically tells Jai that they had an ace up their sleeve and tells him it would be a personal surprise for Jai too. Jai is curious and wary about this. 

Nikita and Gill have meanwhile brought Aditya up to speed about all that has transpired, about Ravindran being alive and that he wanted Bala in exchange for Jai.  They also tell him that Jai’s fears about someone from the inside helping the terrorists was valid, and they had found the person. Aditya is shocked to hear that it’s Vikrant. He tells Gill and Nikita to give him time to ensure that Vikrant is indeed guilty. Nikita then tells Aditya they need his help in getting Jai free. 

Meanwhile at the Military Academy, Colonel Ajmera and his people find out that there is a dead body in the trunk of the car belonging to the man who claimed he was Agent Ronak. The ID tag on the dead man says that he was the real Agent Ronak. Colonel Ajmera calls the ATU and passes the information along. He also tells her they were on a military chopper on their way to Mumbai. He tells Nikita that he would speak to his team at Mumbai and ask them to detain Veer and his kidnapper. Nikita dispatches a couple of agents immediately to the helipad to intercept Veer. As she’s hurrying to inform Gill about the developments, Nikita meets Kiran who tells her about her mother being moved to a hospital. 

Aditya meanwhile speaks with Sood and manages to get him to agree to making the swap between Bala and Jai. At Sivam’s house, Jai, his hands tied watches Sivam and his daughter Ritu receive Jai. He learns that Sivam is letting Ravindran use his warehouse in the docks for a few hours. Ritu is nervous about the handcuffed Jai, but Ravindran explains to her that every war had its casualties and Jai was one. Prithvi, meanwhile, arrives at the Police Station to meet with his mother, Megha. She had asked for him. Megha congratulates Prithvi about the game he’s played and tells him that she’s proud of him and didn’t mind that he had given her up in the process too. All she wanted was to see him in the Prime Minister’s chair. Prithvi just walks away. 

Back at the hotel, Aditya walks into Vikrant’s room. Aditya tells Vikrant that he wanted to talk him. Aditya pretends that he wants to make peace with Vikrant and asks him to pour him a drink. As Vikrant’s back is turned, Aditya looks at Vikrant’s cellphone and memorizes the number that Vikrant seems to have dialed most. He then makes an excuse and leaves the room. He passes the phone number to Nikita and asks her to check it. 

Veer and Roshan land at the helipad. They manage to get away, and into a car that’s waiting for Roshan and Veer is still clueless about the fact that Roshan is not from ATU. Roshan calls up Raja who gives him the address to reach at. Jai, looking for a way to escape, holds Ritu hostage and asks Ravindran to let him go. Ravindran instead turns around and shoots Ritu pointblank. Raja overpowers a stunned Jai, even as Sivam watches his daughter dying in front of him, devastated. 

At the ATU, Gill gets a call from Ravindran who tells him the exchange would happen in half an hour. He tells Gill to bring Bala in a fully equipped ambulance to the location he would give him. Gill leaves for the hospital. At Sivam’s house, Sivam rages at Ravindran but Ravindran shoots him dead too. Just then, the door opens and Roshan enters with Veer. Jai is shocked to see his son and screams in rage. Raja hits Jai on the head and knocks him unconscious. 

The party leaving Sivam’s house is split in two groups. Jai is put in a different vehicle and Veer is taken into another car. Jai pleads with Raja to let Veer go but Raja turns a deaf ear to him. Roshan gets into the car with Jai and drives away, while Ravindran, Raja and the others, alongwith Veer head towards the docks. 

Bala is transferred to an ambulance and Nikita tells Gill that the tracker they’ve put on Bala has been activated. Meanwhile Roshan stops the car at an abandoned area and ties Jai to a pole. He tucks a phone into Jai’s pocket and tells him that if he tried any tricks there was a Sniper parked just across the street who would not hesitate to shoot. Despite Jai’s pleas, Roshan then drives away, leaving Jai all alone. 

Ravindran and his men reach the docks. Veer is tied up inside Sivam’s warehouse while the other men go in with their weapons etc. Raja tells Ravindran that it was probably not safe that he go for the exchange with Bala and Raja with some men get into a car and drive away towards the rendezvous point where they would meet Bala. At the ATU, Nikita comforts Kiran as Trisha is taken to the hospital. 

At the rendezvous point, Raja meets Gill. They get into the ambulance. When Gill asks about Jai, Raja says that they would give him Jai’s location as soon as they were at a safe distance. Gill is furious but can’t do much, except watch as the ambulance drives away, deriving solace from the fact that they had a tracker on Bala. He calls up Nikita who tells him that the tracker is active. Meanwhile, in the ambulance, Raja scans Bala’s body and finds the tracker. Raja destroys all three trackers, and Nikita is frustrated, realizing they have lost Bala. 

Meanwhile, the phone of the Sniper watching Jai rings. He aims at Jai and shoots at Jai’s wrist restraints. Jai reacts in shock, and realizes that the phone in his pocket is ringing. Jai answers and is told that he should get into the car and start driving towards Singhania Hotel without asking any questions, if he wanted to see his son alive. 

Back at the ATU, Mihir crosschecks the number Aditya had given Nikita against a different database and realizes that it is the same number that Ravindran had called them from. Aditya gets a call from Nikita and she tells him their suspicion was right. Vikrant is indeed in cahoots with Ravindran.

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