Jai gets arrested in the foreign land! Weekly Recap 28th Jan- 31st Jan
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Finally Bhoomi returns home with a smile on her face, but is frustrated of taking care of a luggage that doesn’t belong to her. The only thing that can elate Bhoomi’s mood and bring a sparkle in her eyes is her great ‘Nans’, who has just returned from her shopping spree. Watch the video.

Back in India, Vaishnav family’s Munimji is helpless because now even Ansuba cannot stand up to her promise of helping him marry his daughter Bharti.

It was an emotional moment for both him and his daughter. But there comes Ansuba as a ray of hope, with a promise to marry off Bharti with utmost flair. Watch now!

Jai finally lands into the Radio Station taking it to be his last chance for finding his bag. Bhoomi who is a vivid listener of the show is about to hear Jai’s plead when she gets lashed out by her boss.

On the other hand Hassu is traveling in his car when he gets abducted by strangers. Hassu’s son Dilip spots his father and follows him only to find a deserted car. Hassu is actually being kidnapped by Amrutlal, who threatens Hassu and demands his land back. Catch the video here!
Destiny fiddles with Jai once again as he stands face to face with Bhoomi at the radio station. While Bhoomi is awestruck to see Jai, he is lost in the thoughts of his bag.
With one day left for Jai to try his luck and get back his job, he decides to pay a visit to Urmila’s house to return her 10 dollar help. It comes more as a surprise for Bhoomi to see Jai with his Naani, enjoying the Gujju meal. The only thing that puts Jai on cloud 9 is his lost bag that Bhoomi is about to handover to the local police.
Getting into a problem seems to be a never ending agenda of Jai’s life. When Jai thought finally the bad phase has passed him, he and Shaukat get arrested.


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