Jai gets arrested: 24 Episode 14 Synopsis
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When the choppers touchdown,Jai and his family are greeted by Nikita and Abhilasha. Jai thanks Nikita for her help, then sends Trisha and Kiran off to a clinic while Abhilasha bring Jai back to ATU only to place him under arrest.

At the hotel, Naina and Vikrant accuse Prithvi of trying to get the PM’s position and resorting to blackmail through KK to do that. Prithvi denies any such intention or knowledge of any such activity until Naina reminds him that his mother Megha Singhania always wanted him on the chair. Prithvi looks to Aditya and urges him to believe his innocence. Aditya and Prithvi leave the room to speak in private.

At the ATU, Jai requests Nikita to go to the hospital and stay with Trisha and Kiran. Nikita is uncomfortable with the idea, given their history, but agrees to go. She asks Abhilasha’s permission to check on Trisha, as Jai requested, and Abhilasha agrees to let her go after she hands over to Tej. Prithvi tells Aditya about his conversation with his mother, Megha, and says that she had said that the St. Stephens story leak was just the beginning of the plan. Prithvi tells him that he genuinely didn’t have any part in this whole idea, but Aditya is unsure of whom or what to believe. At the hospital, Dr. Sathe starts going over the check up of Trisha and Kiran while ATU agents Veena and Nakul stay guard.

At the hotel, Naina in a rare moment of introspection, admits to Divya that the day has become really tough with the family under attack from all sides. Divya, unknown to her mother, has an abdominal spasm right there, which passes quickly. Meanwhile, in the ATU interrogation room, Head of RAW, Sood  walks in ready to debrief Jai about the events of the whole day. Even though they’re friends, Jai knows that at this point, he’s just another suspect, part of the bureaucratic process. Sood turns on some recording equipment and Jai prepares to answer his questions.

At the clinic, Nikita finds an agent from RAW, Mathur, there along with Veena and Nakul from ATU, as part of Trisha’s and Kiran’s protective detail. She notices his gun, but then goes in to see Trisha and Kiran, and Trisha thanks her for her help. Nikita then call up Tej and asks him to verify the identity of the agent through RAW and she suspect him since Mathur’s gun was not the one usually issued by RAW. Nikita also call Jai and ask him to be relieved as Trisha and Kiran are fine and Jai talks to Kiran asking her to take care of herself and her mom.

Prithvi storms into his mother, Megha’s house, and confronts her about the blackmail. Megha finally crack and admits it all – being behind the death of Mehek Ahuja, the story leak as well as the blackmail to get Aditya to step down. Megha says that she did it all for him – after all, he had as much right to be PM as Aditya. He came from the same family, did as well in the elections from his constituency and it’s only because Naina was the head of the party that Aditya was getting this opportunity. Prithvi is shocked by this revelation.

At the ATU, Sood’s interrogation ends and he tells Jai that his best chance to save himself as well as Aditya Singhania would be to tell Abhilasha everything he knows so she can get things in motionand he leaves.

Next, Abhilasha checks in with Tej, who says he’s still trying to get the identity of the assassin who landed on any one of the three flights that came in from Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, BALA, the second assassin, meets with Karthik. Karthik tells him of Yakub’s death and asks for one more chance to get the plan back on track. Bala tells him that he has no more use of Karthik anymore, and stabs him with a knife.

Naina and Aditya, at the hotel talk and Naina plants the thought in his head that Megha’s whole plan couldn’t have happened without a tacit understanding from Prithvi. She reminds him that Prithvi was just as qualified and ambitious enough to want the seat for himself. Aditya is left unsure.

Meanwhile Tej informs Abhilasha that there are potentially five people who could be the assassin, and she asks him to hurry. She also urges Tej not to protect Jai in any way when Sood questions him and tell him the entire truth about the day’s events. Then she goes to meet Jai who tells Abhilasha to dig into a government database on Operation Trishul, because the assassination plot was financed by Tarun Khosla, who had connections in Sri Lanka.

Back at Aditya’s hotel, Pradhan and Bhagwat, the security chief, tell the Singhania family that since the threat level on Aditya has been raised to 3, they have no choice but to immediately leave the city and head to a secure location. Aditya wants to stay for the rally in the evening, but Bhagwat says that that’s out of the question. Finally Aditya agrees and leaves, his family to follow him later. Aditya also demands for more information to be digged on his assassin from morning, Jai Singh Rathod

Back at the ATU, Tej sends Nikita the photograph of the agent from RAW and Nikita realises that “Agent Mathur” at the hospital was an imposter. She immediately calls Abhilasha and asks permission to move Trisha and Kiran to the safe house, and Abhilasha agrees – but doesn’t tell Jai. Nikita tells Veena to keep an eye for Mathur and asks Nakul to get the car ready for them to leave immediately.

Meanwhile, as Aditya and Bhagwat drive to the airport, Bhagwat informs Aditya about the suspect under arrest who was being questioned about the assassination attempt earlier that morning. Bhagwat gives him more details on Jai singh rathod, ATU Chief, and Aditya realises that in a covert operation sanctioned by his father, Operation Trishul, Jai had been the sole survivor of the operation. Trying to put the pieces together, Aditya tells Bhagwat that they have to make a stop before leaving the city, as he knows who can give them more answers.

Tej goes in to talk to Sood, but says that although he doesn’t like Jai, he also doesn’t disapprove of a single move Jai made. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nikita tells Trisha and Kiran that they have to leave immediately for the  safehouse as they were in danger here. Back at Aditya’s hotel, one of his aides, Pooja, packs a bag and gives it to an intern in preparation of leaving. Then Pooja takes an elevator to another floor, where the assassin Bala greets her with a kiss. Jai tells Abhilasha to look into the details of Operation Trishul but Abhilasha dismisses the idea that an old case may be linked to today’s events. She tells him that someone from CBI will come to take him to the head office for a detailed questioning and investigation, and he asks her to let him stay as he can be of much more use here. Abhilasha tells him that the most use he can be is by giving them all the information he has. Jai is frustrated.

At the hospital, as Nikita takes Trisha and Kiran to the waiting car and they all leave, the impostor agent “Mathur” is watching all this from a distant window and calld Raja to update him about the situation.

At that moment, Aditya enters the ATU and tells Mihir he’s come to see Jai.

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