Jai gets a trump card: 24 Episode 16 Synopsis
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Jai is still trying to reach Singh, while Singh’s phone rings over his dead body .On the other end, when Jai gets a voice mail message, he tells Mihir to trace Singh’s phone and then asks Local police to go check on Singh’s location – a seedy dance bar. Mihir then shows Jai photos of the three new assassins that were transmitted by Singh shortly before his death. One of them is Bala, Ravindran’s son. Jai asks Mihir to send the photos to Bhagwat in order to alert the SFG and staff.

Meanwhile, Bala calls Pooja and confirms that they will meet in half an hour at his hotel room. 

At the safe house, A short distance away fake Max keeps an eye on activities at the safe house through a pair of binoculars.

At the hotel, Agent Bhagwat shows Aditya and his staff photos of the three new assassins. Pooja recognizes Bala’s face and, in shock, slips out of the room. Aditya sees her go and catches up to her, asking what’s wrong. She finally breaks down and shares about her relationship with Bala

At the safe house, Nikita continues questioning Trisha, but Trisha’s still so upset at discovering Jai and Nikita’s affair that she can’t continue. About the same time, Aditya calls Jai and tells him about Pooja’s relationship with Bala. Jai says he’ll send an ATU car to pick up Pooja, and tells Aditya about his aborted conversation with Singh, speculating Singh is dead, which worries Aditya. Aditya, tells Jai not to send an ATU car as Bhagwat has already arranged for Pooja to go to ATU.

Meanwhile Nikita questions Kiran, who continues to insist that Rohit helped them and isn’t a kidnapper. After Kiran leaves, Nikita tells Trisha that Kiran seems to have “feelings” for Rohit. Trisha says that’s natural as under stressful situations two people are likely to get attracted to each other. She asks Nikita if that is how she and Jai came close together, whether he had saved her life and if that is what attracted her towards him. Nikita gets extremely uncomfortable and stops the debriefing. She tells Trisha that it’s best that she heads back to ATU and asks Agent Nakul to continue the debriefing. 

At the ATU, Gill arrives, saying he’s taking over for Abhilasha. Jai tells him about Pooja and Bala, and suggests they let her keep her date to see what they can learn from Bala. Gill doesn’t like the idea and says he wants to talk to Pooja first. 

Back at the hotel, Aditya starts getting ready for the rally, Naina tries her best to convince Aditya to not speak about St. Stephens at the rally, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. At the rally venue Divya reviews all the security arrangements as Vikrant looms in the background taking in all the information.

Max calls Raja from the safe house and informs him that there is minimum security so it will be easy to take out Kiran and Trisha, Raja gives him the go ahead.

In the safe house Agent Nakul resumes the debriefing but Trisha is too distracted and asks for a break, Agent Nakul decides to get them some hot chocolate.

At the hotel, Prithivi approaches Aditya and tells him that after what KK and his mother Megha have done it’s difficult to trust him but he has got evidence to prove his innocence. Prithvi then plays back a recording of a confession given by his mother a couple of hours ago. Aditya is shocked.

At the ATU, Pooja arrives and is debriefed by Jai and Gill. She gives them the entire history of when and where she met Bala first and how they have been in a serious relationship for over three months now. She breaks down thinking how she could be so naïve as to let a terrorist get so close to Aditya. Jai comforts her and tells her there was no way she could have known. He then tells Pooja that for Aditya’s sake she will have to continue with this charade a little while longer and meet Bala as planned at 4:30 p.m. so that the ATU can put a tracker on him and know his next move. Pooja is extremely hesitant.

At the safe house the fake Max arrives, puts a silencer to his gun and one by one starts taking down the agents who are at guard at various points of the bungalow.

Back at the hotel Aditya and Prithvi come up with a plan to solve all their problems at the rally.

At ATU, Pooja finally agrees to Jai’s plan and they all get ready to head back to the Singhania hotel. Just then Nikita walks in and Jai is shocked to see her, he asks her as to why she left Trisha and Kiran when he had specifically asked for her to be by their side. Nikita avoids answering him and assures Jai that they are safe and resting and that there was not much for her to do. Jai is not convinced but asks her to join him and Pooja at the hotel.

Back at the safe house all chaos breaks loose. Fake Max kills all the agents, however Nakul manages to get Trisha and Kiran into a Sumo and they drive out of the gate. Fake Max chases them on foot and finally stops, takes aim at the SUMO speeding away in the distance and fires a bullet that hits Nakul killing him instantly. The jeep swerves violently and goes off the road, flipping over.

At the same time, Agent Raunak almost reaches the NDA when a motorcyclist comes up to his window and tells him that he has a punctured tire. Raunak leans out of the window to look, when the motorcyclist pulls out a gun with a silencer and kills Raunak. He then dumps his body in the boot, gets into the driver’s seat and drives the car into the military academy.

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