Jai finds LTFE prisoners! 24 Episode 20 Synopsis
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As night falls, Jai walks around the National Park; circling the area around the bridge that Mihir had mentioned but sees only foliage around. And unknown to Jai, watching Jai’s every move from a distance is someone with a pair of binoculars. At the hotel, Prithvi speaks with Aditya about the live interview with Anisha Roy from Newsreel channel that he is coordinating now in Pooja’s absence. Prithvi notices Aditya’s preoccupation and asks him about it. Aditya tries to find out whether Prithvi wants a more prominent position in the government, as the opinion polls seem to suggest Prithvi should. Prithvi sees through Aditya’s questioning and gets defensive. 

Raja, who is driving towards the National Park gets a call from Sridhar who informs him that Jai is prowling around there. Raja asks Sridhar to keep an eye on Jai. Raja then calls Roshan a.k.a the imposter masquerading as Agent Ronak from ATU. He asks Roshan if he’s on his way back with Veer. Roshan tells Raja that Veer isn’t back yet and that he’s out looking for the boy. 

Meanwhile, Tej tells Gill over the phone that they can’t interrogate Bala. He decides to return to the ATU. At the ATU, Trisha and Kiran are sitting in a room, when Trisha starts bleeding from her nose and falls unconscious. Kiran panics and calls out for help. 

At a police station, Veer is thrust into a cell with Shashank and Hardik, despite his protests of innocence. Back at the hotel, Prithvi meets Naina who has called for him. Naina tells Prithvi to hand over all the details of the Anisha Roy interview to Divya and that Divya will prep Aditya for the interview, not Prithvi. Prithvi realizes he’s being shut out. Naina then meets Aditya and asks him whether he had decided what to do with Prithvi. Aditya replies that he hasn’t been able to make up his mind yet. Naina offers more reasoning and justification for the fact that Prithvi was not as innocent as he seemed. She then asks Aditya to confront Prithvi and ask him point blank. Aditya replies that he did, and that Prithvi had not admitted to anything. Prithvi overhears this conversation and is certain now that Naina, Divya and Aditya have begun to mistrust him. Sridhar calls Raja from the National Park and warns him that Jai is getting too close for comfort. Raja tells Sridhar not to worry; anyway they needed to get Jai out of the picture soon. Meanwhile, Jai finally finds some kind of a security door leading to an underground structure. The area is flooded with lights, the door opens, and Jai is hit unconscious. 

Inside the bunker, a man named Murad greets Jai on realizing Jai is from ATU. Murad tells Jai that the hidden facility is a secret government detention facility. Jai asks Murad about the prisoners who are at the center at present. Murad refuses to reveal anything to Jai maintaining that its classified information. Jai asks Murad whether something specific was going to happen at 7.20. Murad is perplexed and says he has no idea about anything. Jai tells him that the power was going to go off at 7.20 and asks what would happen if the power failed. Murad replies that all the doors at the facility were electronically controlled. So if the power went off, the door holding the prisoners would not be locked and the CCTVs guarding the place would also be disabled. Jai realizes that the prisoners are going to be broken out. Jai advises Murad to arm the current staff, to make the facility seem better defended than it really is. Jai then calls the ATU to send back up. Nikita tells Jai that she had spoken with the MSEB and she had ensured the power would not go off. 

Veer is being questioned at the police station, but the cops are unconvinced about the fact that he is not involved with the drug dealers. Meanwhile, at the National Park, Raja and his men have reached the trenches outside the underground bunker. The time is 7.20 but the lights are on and Murad and his men come out fully armed and shine their lights around to establish they are armed and prepared. Sridhar, the soldier for hire, asks Raja why the power wasn’t off as promised. Raja dispatches Mani to blow out the sub station that powered the area. Sridhar protests and says blowing up a power station was not something he had signed up for. Sridhar tells Raja that his men and he were walking out. Raja shoots Sridhar in cold blood and asks the other men if anyone else had reservations. No one speaks. 

in the bunker, Jai is frustrated with Murad not letting him speak to or even see the prisoners. He decides to call Aditya Singhania and explains the situation to him and implores Aditya to speak with Murad. Aditya tells Murad that he would arrange for Murad’s senior to give him a call of authorization, so Murad could let Jai have access to the prisoners.  Jai then tells Aditya that this location was so secure that even he as head of ATU had no idea about it, but there was someone attempting to break out the prisoners and those people had been given this location by someone who, Jai was sure, was pretty high up in the administration. Jai tells Aditya that he felt that the terrorists were being aided by someone very close to Aditya and he urges Aditya to remain vigilant.

Following the conversation with Aditya, Murad relents and leads Jai to the CCTV screen which shows the two prisoners they’re holding – a man with a military bearing and another humble looking man. Jai wonders where he’s seen them before, the faces seem very familiar. He then remembers that they were LTFE members whom he had captured when he was leading Operation Trishul. 

At the ATU, Nikita learns about Trisha collapsing and that the doctor was running some tests and couldn’t tell until the reports came in, what the matter was. Jai calls her just then and Nikita is torn between wanting to tell him about his wife and knowing that he was in a tense situation and needed all focus on what he was doing. Jai tells Nikita that he was going to send her something that he needed her to check for him. After Jai hangs up, Nikita calls up Tej who is at Bala’s hospital. She tells Tej that she didn’t share with Jai about Trisha’s collapse. She’s upset because she behaved exactly like Gill had, keeping secrets from Jai about his own family. Tej assures her that she made the right decision because they didn’t know what exactly was wrong with Trisha and maybe any over reaction might be premature. Nikita hangs up and goes to Mihir’s table where he has got something from Jai – the photographs of the two prisoners. Mihir finds the two faces very familiar but can’t put a finger on where he’s seen them. Jai tells Mihir that one of the men was a Lieutenant with the LTFE and the other man was not even high enough to merit a record, he was a cook or something and both were captured during Operation Trishul.He asks Mihir to find out why these two men were so important that they needed to be broken out with such an elaborate plan. Jai also tells Mihir to pull out a list of everyone who had accessed information about the detention facility. That person was certain to be the link to the terrorists. 

At the National Park, Raja learns that the assassin sent to kill Trisha and Kiran has been killed in Madh Island, Raja realizes that he has lost all leverage with Jai. He calls up Roshan and tells Roshan that he’d better get Veer and get the boy to Mumbai.

He then hangs up and begins formulating a plan to attack the bunker once the power went off. Inside the bunker, Jai is watching the two prisoners on the CCTV camera and notices something odd. The man who looks like the Lieutenant with the military bearing is being subservient towards the meek looking man, whom they had presumed to be a cook. At ATU, Mihir finds something on the man they think is a Cook. His picture was in one of the files that Singh had sent them. He begins decrypting the file. 

Gill returns to the ATU and us updated on Jai’s front. He then calls the Military Academy to check on Veer and is shocked to learn that Veer is missing. Captain Ajmera from the Military Academy assures Gill that his men and Agent Ronak of the ATU were all out looking for Veer. Meanwhile Veer is at the Police Station, sharing the cell with Shashank and Hardik. Back at the hotel, Vikrant butts in while Aditya and Divya are working and taunts Divya about something before walking away. Aditya tells Divya that she needed to get Vikrant out of her life and that he would ensure that the moment he took the oath, the next thing he’d ensure was that Vikrant could no longer hurt Divya. 

Outside the bunker, Raja and his men are in positions, just waiting for Mani to come thru with blowing up the power sub station. Inside the bunker, Murad leads Jai to the Prisoners’ Cell. Jai enters and begins asking them questions. He puts the screws on the meek Cook, knowing that this was the button to push for the men to get talking. And the Lieutenant, truly enough, gets furious with Jai’s barraging the Cook and Jai gets physical with the Lieutenant. Murad who is watching this from the monitors rushes in, furious with Jai for getting physical with the prisoners. As Murad and the guards rush into the Prisoners’ Cell, something strikes Jai. He yells at Murad to secure the prisoners. And as if on cue, the power goes off, plunging the place in darkness. Outside, Raja looks pleased and asks his men to plant the explosives, so they can break their way into the bunker. 

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