Jai finds a lead to save his family! 24 Episode 11 Synopsis
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Prithvi goes to confront his mother Megha Singhania and discovers that his mother is indeed the source of Mehek Ahuja’s story. He confesses to Aditya about his mother being the source but Aditya wonders what would prompt Mehek to drop the story. Naina, who is standing outside the room, overhears the whole conversation.

Around the same time, Abhilasha Grewal announces to the whole ATU to focus their energies on locating Max, the fake photographer who was involved in Aditya Singhania’s assassination attempt earlier that day. She also tries to pressure Nikita about revealing Jai’s whereabouts but Nikita refuses to budge. Tej warns Nikita that they won’t be able to keep helping Jai like this as Abhilasha is keeping such a hands-on approach to the whole investigation.  They wonder where Jai can be and Nikita states her concern that Jai may just be cracking under the pressure. Tej asks her to not worry as Jai was an exceptional agent. 

Jai, in the meanwhile, is driving Tarun’s car posing as his driver. When Tarun realizes they’re off course and orders for his driver to stop he realizes the hostile situation and asks Jai to pull over. Then Jai pulls out a gun and demands to know where Yakub is holding Trisha and Kiran. Tarun insists he has no idea what Jai’s talking about. Jai calls Nikita, tells her he’s got Tarun. Nikita is shocked that Jai’s assaulting potentially innocent people without enough proof but Jai tells her that to be certain if he is indeed innocent or guilty, he needs more information and asks Nikita to do some quick research on Tarun. While he waits for Nikita’s update, Jai starts the car and keeps driving, and tells Tarun to not try anything.

Back at Yakub’s guesthouse, Qureshi sends Rohit to question Trisha and Kiran about their cell phone call, but Rohit deliberately gets no information, and Qureshi beats him.

As Nikita researches Tarun, she also tells the new boss, Abhilasha Grewal, that the real photographer, Max, was killed in the plane crash, and the man at Aditya’s rally was an impostor using Max’s ID. At that time, Jai calls Nikita back for information on Tarun Khosla. With Abhilasha watching, Nikita pretends it’s another agent from RAW. Abhilasha wants to speak to him but Tej distracts her away from Nikita’s table. Nikita gets back on the phone after that close call and tells Jai that Tarun suffers from a severe lung problem. While he’s talking, Tarun pulls a gun on him. Jai reacts quickly and disarms him, and starts to beat him up to get a name out of him. Tarun continues to tell Jai that he doesn’t know anything, and when Jai asks him why an innocent man would carry a gun, Tarun says that he’s an investment banker with many enemies and he carries a gun for protection. Jai asks Tarun where he was going, and Tarun says he’s supposed to meet a man named Karthik Chandrashekhar — a business associate — in a parking garage. Tarun shows Jai his wallet filled with photographs of his own family and claims that he would never do anything to Jai’s family. 

About the same time, Naina tells Divya about Megha’s betrayal and is furious. She decides to confront Megha but Divya offers to go in her place. 

Meanwhile, Raja arrives at Yakub’s compound, insists Yakub has failed his assignment and says he’ll make sure both Jai and Aditya are dead by the end of the day.  Yakub begs for more time to execute his own plan, so Raja gives him 30 minutes to find Jai or he would be taken off the mission and will have to kill Trisha and Kiran. After this Raja gets a call from an unidentified person who is clearly the main person behind Raja. The voice tells Raja that if Yakub can’t get the assignment done within the hour, they should switch to Plan B.

Divya reaches Megha Singhania’s residence and threatens her with full exposure of all her illegal deals if Megha continues to sabotage Aditya’s or their family’s reputation, and reminds her that their family is way more powerful which is why Mehek isn’t running the story. Megha is furious and she calls Mehek for an explanation but Mehek dismisses her. Megha, furious, calls up a mystery man and tells him that they would have to meet to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, Jai considers Tarun’s plea for his own family. Seeing an opportunity, Tarun grabs an iron rod and tries to attack him. Jai deflects the blow and pulls his own gun on Tarun saying no “ordinary businessman” has so many weapons as well as the pathological ease of using them on another person. Finally, Tarun drops his pretense and swears at Jai in Tamil. Jai grabs Tarun and shakes him, demanding to know more, but Tarun starts gasping, in the throes of an asthma attack. Tarun reaches for his inhaler but Jai holds it away, insisting Tarun confess. Tarun refuses and loses consciousness, Jai tries to revive him. It’s too late, and Tarun dies without providing any further clues

Tej tells Nikita that they should come clean to Abhilasha Grewal. Nikita refuses saying that Jai doesn’t want it and manages to convince Tej that confessing could prove fatal for their assignment. Just then Jai calls and tells her that Tarun Khosla is dead. Nikita is shocked. He asks her to research Karthik and then asks her to look into all his assignments over the last eight years to see if there could be any connection to a Tamil speaking assassin. He asks her to look particularly at Operation Trishul – the one assignment that connects the Singhania family to him. 

Back at Yakub’s compound, Rohit gives Trisha a gun, and Trisha realizes the danger they are in. Meanwhile, Karthik Chandrashekar comes up to Tarun Khosla’s car at the Mills. But he realises that Tarun is dead. Shocked, he whirls around at Jai’s voice – and Jai sees that Karthik is none other than “Abhay Gupta”! After a major fight, Jai manages to pin him down and demands to know where Trisha and Kiran are, but Abhay says he’ll say only if Jai lets him go. Jai says if Abhay takes him there, he will let Abhay go. Eventually Abhay directs Jai onto the highway.

Back at the Singhania hotel, Aditya tells Prithvi that it’s imperative he finds out why Mehek Ahuja dropped the story and he decides to go meet her and calls her for a time and place. She invites him back to her place and Aditya decides to go. 

Mehek runs a bath in anticipation of meeting Aditya Singhania. Unknown to her however, there’s an assassin hiding in her house. As she relaxes in her bathtub, the assassin comes up to her and electrocutes her in her bath. He leaves the bungalow, and presses a detonator. As he drives off, Mehek’s bungalow blows up.

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