Jai and Dhara rescue Aarvi! Sanskaar-2 Recap 11th-17th October
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Jai asked Paritosh to apologize to Ansu Baa, but Paritosh insulted Bhoomi and tried messing with Bhoomi’s shraadh rituals. Jai beat him and sent them out of the house with a warning. Jai ignored the injury he got in the scuffle and demanded Bhoomi’s 6th letter from Parul. (Watch the scene here)

Bhoomi asked Jai to move on in the letter, and Jai imagined that she was close by. Jai’s spell was broken by Aarvi, who applied medicine to Jai’s wounds. Paritosh and Vilas recorded the scene and decided to kidnap Aarvi as she was close to Jai. 

Ketki rushed home in panic when she saw Aarvi being kidnapped in front of her, and Jai promised her that he would bring Aarvi back from Chandrika. Just as Chandrika and her sons were gloating about the kidnapping, Jai came in and demanded to know where Aarvi was. Chandrika taunted Jai about not protecting his family and sent them away. (Watch the scene here)

Jai got a clue from Vilas’s wife, and rushed to the Ram Leela fair to find Aarvi. Ketki and Ramila both were very upset and refused to eat or drink anything till Aarvi came back. 

Hasmukh decided to take the help of Dhara, a young girl who sold toys at the fair, but Jai was not convinced. Jai and Dhara got off to a bad start when Dhara lost a Rs. 100 bet because of Jai, and yelled at him. Jai too, got angry at Dhara for not taking the issue seriously, but Hasmukh calmed him down. (Watch the scene here)

Dhara managed to hoodwink the goons and find out where Aarvi was and told Jai about it. Chandrika visited Vaishnav house to talk to Ansu Baa but Parul saw through her fake sympathy and drove her out of the house. (Watch the scene here)

Jai had a fight with the goons, but couldn’t find Aarvi as Dhara had run away with her. Dhara hid Aarvi in a tent and saw Jai but couldn’t call out to him as Paritosh was around. While looking for a way to escape, Dhara saw Sita’s costume and wore it, and also dressed Aarvi as Hanuman. 

They were pushed on the stage where both of them messed up the play, leading to some hilarious scenes. But they were terrified when Paritosh entered the scene as Kumbhkaran, and asked Dhara to hand over Aarvi. Finally, Jai, Hasmukh and Dilip reached the theatre, and Jai dressed up at Ram to save Dhara and Aarvi. (Watch the scene here)

Paritosh and his goons tried attacking Jai, but the public defended him, and allowed him to escape with Dhara and Aarvi. Once outside, Aarvi thanked Dhara and went to Jai, and Dhara demanded her promised Rs.. 100 from Jai. Jai went to retrieve his wallet, but left in a hurry when Dilip told him that Ketki and Ramila were unwell, which angered Dhara. (Watch the scene here)

Will Jai be able to thank Dhara for her help? Or Dhara will herself have to pay for her bravery?

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