Jai ambushes a terrorist! Synopsis- Episode 4 #24
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As Jai apologizes to Nikita for doubting her, Jiah decrypts an address encoded on the SD card. Meanwhile, as Dev and Rohit force Kiran into their car, Trisha and Abhay, speeding to rescue their daughters, are pulled over by a traffic cop at a nakabandi as he smells alcohol on Abhay. 

Aditya Singhania returns to his hotel, Pradhan tells him that he should not make the same mistakes that his father made and should be more careful, Prithvi cuts in and asks Pradhan to direct all his concerns towards him. Back at the ATU the computers and phones go out, signalling a lockdown. Gill arrives with two other agents, but before they can secure the office Jai slips out the back door and Tej admits to Nikita that he called Gill, saying Jai is “out of control.” Gill asks Nikita where Jai went, but she says she doesn’t know. 

As Dev drives away from the street where Janhvi was hit, Kiran begs him to go back for her as she could still be alive. Dev realizes that if this is true then Janhvi could identify them, so he stops the car turns around, pulls out a gun and tells Rohit to tape Kiran’s mouth shut. Nearby, Abhay gets impatient with the traffic cop and tries to give him some money, but the cop isn’t convinced with Abhay’s explanation of how someone spilled alcohol on him at the party when Trisha and he were looking for their daughters.

Back at the ATU, Gill pressures Nikita, and says he knows all about Nikita’s affair with Jai, but Nikita doesn’t flinch and holds her ground.

Meanwhile Jai arrives at Nagpada and looks for the address Jiah got off the SD card, he knocks on Parvez’s room but instead of a response gets gunfire in return.

At the end of his shift, sub-inspector Narvekar hears the gunshots at a distance and alerts control room. He then pulls out his own weapon and heads in the direction of the gunshots. Soon he runs into Jai and pulls a gun on him, but Jai shows him his ID and they both start searching for Parvez.

At the ATU, Gill continues grilling Nikita, but she still says she doesn’t know where Jai went. Meanwhile, in the hotel room, Aditya notices that Divya is in pain, she tells him its nothing serious but he insists that she call up her gynaecologist friend to the hotel and get a check-up done immediately. He then goes and confronts his mother about the St. Stephens incident and tells her how he is disgusted by her politics – he then tells her that before Mehek Ahuja can break the news he is going to go on air and tell all to the public.

Back on the road Dev’s car is approaching the spot where Janvhi’s lifeless body is lying and just as he’s about to shoot her, the siren of an ambulance sounds nearby and Dev drives off banging the steering wheel in frustration.

Meanwhile, the traffic cop who has been harassing Abhay and Trisha agrees to let them go after taking all the money from Abhay’s wallet and tells them to go check into a hotel room for the rest of the night, suggesting that the two are actually having an affair on the sly. A disgusted Abhay and Trisha drive off in the direction of P&L shipping.

At Nagpada, Jai and Narvekar split in their search for Parvez but in a dark narrow alley Parvez ambushes Navrekar and takes him hostage. Meanwhile, Dev delivers Kiran to Yakub who asks them about the other girl. Dev says that she tried to escape so that had to kill her and dispose of the body. Yakub doesn’t look convinced but puts Kiran in his car and asks the boys to follow him to his hideout where he will make their payment.

Back at Nagpada, Parvez tells Jai to drop his gun and come out of hiding. Jai says he will, Narvekar tells him not to and to take the shot. Jai drops the gun and just then Narvekar tries to grab Parvez’s gun. A shot rings out, but Jai successfully grabs and subdues Parvez – the back-up police team swoops in and grabs Parvez. As Jai turns to congratulate Narvekar, however, he realizes he’s been shot in the chest.

Meanwhile at ATU, Gill has finished interrogating Nikita and is now on Jiah’s case, but she also doesn’t crack. Abhay and Trisha spot a rag picker who starts acting suspicious when they approach him. Trisha gives him her watch and in exchange he tells them that a girl was lying on the road. She was put into an ambulance and taken away. A worried Abhay and Trisha rush back to their car not knowing which of the two girls it was. They then start driving in the direction of the nearest hospital.

Back at the ATU, Gill gets a call from the police, saying they’ve found Jai, and Gill calls off the lockdown. At Nagpada, paramedics load Narvekar’s body into an ambulance. Jai tries to talk to Parvez, but he refuses to talk unless he’s released. Jai refuses, but then Parvez says if Jai ever wants to see his daughter alive again, he’ll cooperate. Jai is shocked, but then the cops, who have arrested Parvez for Narvekar’s murder, put him into a jeep car and drive off.

Finally, we see Jai get into his jeep and follow the police convoy, Trisha and Abhay driving toward the hospital, and Aditya Singhania determined to tell the truth to the country against his mother’s wishes.

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