Jahaan VS Jordan
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  • April 14, 2023
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The episode unveils with Elahi who meets Jahaan, and he tells her to go home. Elahi is confused but Jahaan says that Beeji must be worrying about her. Jordan meets Jahaan and Jahaan tells him to stay away from Elahi. Jordan denies and challenges him for a car race saying that whoever loses must leave Elahi. Elahi tells Beeji and Bua the whole incident and the happiness that they had disappears. Jordan and Jahaan get ready to race. In Canada, the boiling milk overpours and Dolly feels that Jahaan must be in trouble. Elahi also starts getting premonitions that something bad is about to happen to Jahaan. Jordan and Jahaan get into an accident . Jahaan’s car crashes into a tree and Jordan’s car goes to the railing of a cliff.

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