Jagya’s feelings for Ganga get stronger #Balika Vadhu 26th August to 31st August
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Jagya reaches Ganga’s house at Mangalore. Ganga is surprised and shocked to see Jagya then On the other hand Sanchi calls up Dadisa and tells her that she is fasting for Jagya on the occasion of ‘teej’. Sanchi calls up Jagya as well and tells her about the fast and asks him to come to kesar bagh to break her fast. Jagya is speechless and doesn’t know how to reply. After much contemplation he tells Sanchi that he is in Mangalore with Ganga. Sanchi gets angry at him and tells him that he can’t do this, now that he is engaged to her. They have a heated argument and Sanchi bluntly asks him if he is having an affair with Ganga. Jagya tries explaining her about his responsibilities for Ganga. An angry Sanchi breaks her fast then and there. Anandi looks at her and asks her but she doesn’t say anything. Sanchi confides in Ira and tells her about Jagya’s visit to Mangalore to meet Ganga. Ira gets upset and angry and decides to talk to Jagya and his family. Anandi overhears their conversation and is stunned.

Next day ‘teej’ celebrations take place at kesarbagh and badi havel. Ganga also keeps fast for Jagya.

Ira calls up Sumitra and questions her about Jagya and Ganga. Sumitra tries explaining her about Jagya’s responsibilities towards Ganga. Ira tells Sumitra that it’s very irresponsible and reckless on Jagya’s part not to keep his fiancé in loop of things going on his life. Sumitra apologizes to Ira and promises her that she will talk to Jagya.

Sumitra creates a scene in front of other family members and tells everyone about Ira’s call. Bhairon tells her to calm down and not to over react on this issue. Sumitra also calls up Sanchi and talks to her. Taking Sanchi’s side Sumitra says that whatever Jagya did was wrong and tells her not to worry.

Meanwhile Anandi is very excited for the ‘itwaari bazaar’ which she is going to start for the village women around kesar bagh. Shiv suggests her to start the ‘bazaar’ outside their house. Anandi is apprehensive as it might disturb the family members but Shiv assures her that it is ok. The next day ‘itwaari bazaar’ starts and some goon from the nearby village come their and start vandalizing the market. They start hitting people and all the women panic. They start pelting stones and one of the stone hits Sanchi and she starts bleeding. Shiv comes to their rescue and starts hitting the goons and by then the police arrives and arrest the goons.

Ira is angry at Anandi and scolds her for doing the ‘bazaar’ outside their house because of which Sanchi got hurt. Ira tells everyone that this will not happen again and warns Anandi not to do her social work because it might affect her family life. Anandi gets very upset on hearing this.Sanchi calls up Jagya and tells her about the whole incident. Ira takes the phone from Sanchi and tells Jagya to come to Udaipur to meet Sanchi and them directly from Mangalore to which Jagya agrees. Ira also calls up Sumitra and tells her about her conversation. Sumitra is happy that Ira spoke to Jagya and tells her that Jagya is their son in law now and they have all the rights on him. When Jagya leave Mangalore he keeps on looking at Ganga as they part ways. Jagya reaches Udaipur. He gets a saree for Sanchi and Sanchi is happy to receive her gift. 

Jagya also has a conversation with Anandi which opens his eyes and realizes that he likes Ganga.



Jagya will eventually realize that he loves Ganga. On the other hand Sanchi is doing everything for him which shows that she is so much in love with him. Jagya is in a fix about his own feelings and emotions. In this case what will Jagya do? Will he still go ahead with his marriage with sanchi? Or will he go back to Ganga where his heart really beats? Keep watching balika Vadhu for more drama in Jagya’s life.



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