Jagya’s confusion #Balika Vadhu 12th August to 17th August
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Some situations in life are destined to happen and sometimes all you can do is accept it the way it is and move ahead. And that’s what Ganga and Jagya are doing presently. 

Dadisa went to Ganga for help when Jagya was stubborn about postponing his engagement with Sanchi which was coinciding with his visit to Mangalore with Ganga and Mannu. Ganga handles the situation and asks Jagya not to come with her and not to postpone his engagemet.

All this starts when Sumitra tells Sanchi to do something that would stop Jagya from going to Mangalore. Sanchi bribes the panditji and asks him to give a date for the engagement which exactly coincides with Ganga’s college admission in Mangalore. Jagya initially doesn’t agree to it and is adamant on his decision that he will go with Ganga as he has promised her. He has an argument with his family wherein he makes it clear that he will go with Ganga come what may. Sumitra is upset and takes help of Dadisa. Dadisa politely tells Ganga about the whole situation and Ganga decides that she will go alone.

Meanwhile, Anandi has started her initiative. She meets up with other women and ask them to be independent and start doing some small business through which they can earn and not be dependent on their husbands. While talking to them Anandi comes to know that their husbands are alcoholic and they go to the bar and drink everyday. Anandi decides to teach them a lesson. She goes to the bar with all the other women and creates a scene there. She lectures all the men about their responsibilities. While doing this a man pushes her and she hurts her head. Seeing Anandi injured, the other women start hitting the man. The police arrive soon and shut the bar.

Meanwhile Ganga talks to Jagya and asks him not to postpone his engagement. Jagya is upset and he agrees. Ganga feels bad but she doesn’t show it. The preparations start for the engagement and the naming ceremony of Gehna’s daughter.

Sanchi starts shopping for her engagement. At Jaitsar as well Dadisa and Sumitra start discussing on the gifts to be given to Sanchi and her family.

Jagya is upset and starts missing Mannu and Ganga when he is alone. He misses the times when he used to play with Mannu after coming back from work, he misses Mannu’s laughter he also misses Ganga’s presence in the badi haveli. He is upset with Ganga for not allowing him to go with her to Mangalore and that’s the reason he doesn’t talk to Ganga in the hospital.

Anandi and Sanchi reach badi haveli. Everyone is happy to see them there. Anandi goes and meets Jagya and finds him disturbed. She asks him about Ganga and he tells her that Ganga will be leaving for Mangalore today. Ganga leaves her house and the hospital.

Jagya at the haveli suddenly realizes that he should go with Ganga and not leave her alone. He runs towards the hospital. He reaches there and realizes that Ganga has already left. He goes in search of Ganga. Sanchi’s family arrives at the badi haveli.

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