Jagya’s apprehension #Balika Vadhu 13th July 2013
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Sumitra talks to Jagya and expresses her happiness that Jagya agreed for the marriage and that he will soon be settled again in his new life. Sumitra tells Jagya that now even ganga should quickly get admission wherever she wants and become independent. She also should start a new life and achieve her dreams. Sumitra asks Jagya to help Ganga in getting admission as soon as possible. Jagya agrees to her and looks at Ganga.

Jagya shares his restlessness with Dadisa and tells her that he is not able to understand whether whatever is happening is right or wrong. He tells Dadisa that Sanchi is from a different background and her upbringing is very urban. Dadisa tells him that he has evolved as a person and has become a more mature individual and that he will be able to take responsibility of this relation ship.


At kesar bagh Anandi finds a scarf in the guest room she goes and asks mahi if anyone had come over. Mahi doesn’t want to say that Ashima had come over so he hides it by saying that it must be Sanchi’s friend’s scarf.

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