Jagya serves his penance. Weekly Update – 31st Dec to 4th Jan
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The week began with Shiv and Anandi’s first day as husband and wife. In order to share a romantic moment, Shiv tries to get close to Anandi but at the end moment she gets a call from Gehna, distracting the two. Watch as Shiv and Anandi share an intimate moment. 

Everyone gets ready to go the temple and Sanchi remarks how she can’t go with Anandi who dresses like a villager. Anandi feels hurt by the comment and just to appease her sister-in-law, dresses up in a sari. Watch as Anandi dons a new look for Sanchi.

While having breakfast, Mahi questions Shiv about his Honeymoon plans. Before Shiv could answer, Anandi suggests dropping the plan as that way they could spend more time together with family. Shiv is disappointed by Anandi’s suggestion, while the latter remembers the way Shiv tried to get close to her. Watch as Anandi cancels all honeymoon plans in hesitation.

Lal Singh visits a make-shift hospital and there bumps into Jagya. He feels saddened to see his condition and requests him to come back to the haveli. But Jagya refuses the offer and states how he wants to repent for his sins completely. Watch their conversation in this video.

Vishnu, who has been hired by Dadisa to look for Jagya, spots him in a market and follows behind. He finds Jagya entering a lane and in sometime he sees Lal Singh coming out from the same lane. He thinks probably the two have met and immediately reports this to Dadisa, who wonders if she should question Lal Singh. Watch as Dadisa gets closer to finding Jagya in this video.

Basant talks to Bhairon about how he and Gehna are planning to have another child. But due to his medical conditions, he thinks the idea is too bleak. Basant suggests that he should get a check up done by Lal Singh. Basant agrees and the two head to the hospital. After hearing the case, Lal Singh advises Basant to opt for artificial insemination and requests him to get Gehna the next time so he can conduct some tests on both. Basant is happy to hear about this and thanks Bhairon for his help. Watch as Basant plans to extend his family.

Jagya reminisces about his time with Anandi and feels guilty about torturing her mentally. At that moment, he runs into a girl who looks scared out of her wits and is carrying a baby in her arms. Jagya tries to help her but the girl shoos him away.  Soon some guys come following the girl and she runs away on noticing them. When Jagya asks them about her, he’s told she’s a mad woman. Hearing this Jagya gives them directions to find her. Once caught, the girl looks back at Jagya, enraged. Watch this sequence right here.

Will this strange encounter change Jagya’s destiny? Keep watching this space to know more!


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