Jagya returns home sans Gauri #Balika Vadhu weekly update 18th Feb to 23rd Feb
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The week began with Dadisa worrying about Jagya’s decision to meet Gauri. She fears that Gauri would once again emotionally manipulate him and she will lose her grandson forever. Watch as Dadisa feels tensed about Jagya’s future.

Anandi thinks over Dadisa’s words and feels she did wrong by talking to Jagya about Gauri. Shiv assures her that her decision wasn’t wrong and Dadisa’s anger over her is justified since she feels insecure about Jagya. Watch as Shiv supports Anandi.

Jagya reaches Mumbai and tries to call on Gauri’s number but doesn’t get through. He calls the hospital and comes to know that Gauri has quit. After little research he finds her whereabouts and reaches the other hospital. Once there he requests to meet Gauri and waits outside her clinic. Watch this entire sequence right here.

Meenu Bua asks Anandi if she’s worried and Shiv explains the issue at hand. Where Sanchi agrees that Anandi’s interference wasn’t right, Shiv and Meenu Bua totally support Anandi’s move. Meenu Bua is also happy to see Shiv supporting his wife and hopes this would strengthen their relation. Watch as Sanchi cribs about Anandi’s actions.

Dadisa begins to hallucinate as she imagines Jagya to have returned with Gauri. The thought tortures her and she starts to worry about the consequences. Everybody try to cheer up Dadisa but she doesn’t pay any attention and cribs about Anandi sending Jagya back to Gauri. Looking at things turning bad, Ganga confesses that she was the one who had put the idea in Jagya’s head since she believed him to feel guilt-free only once he apologized to Gauri. Watch as Dadisa questions Ganga’s motives.

Jagya waits outside Gauri’s clinic as one by one she meets all her patients. Frustrated of waiting, Jagya enters the clinic after sometime only to find it empty. The compounder informs him that Gauri had left already and didn’t want to see him. Jagya then leaves a note for her apologizing for his actions. Watch as Jagya tries to seek for forgiveness in this video.

Everybody waits for Jagya’s return and Dadisa blames Anandi and Ganga to send her grandson away. At that moment, Jagya enters and apologizes to Dadisa for having troubled her. Dadisa is ecstatic to see Jagya and questions him about Gauri. Watch as Singh family reunites on Jagya’s arrival sans Gauri.

Anandi returns the necklace Dadisa had once given her and requests the latter to return it to Jagya when she feels the time is right. Dadisa is happy to witness Anandi’s maturity and is equally pleased with Ganga. Watch as the ladies share a somber moment.

Next day, Jagya takes Ganga to the police station to record statements against her husband. Due to a tyre puncture, Jagya and Ganga travel by bike and seeing the two villagers start gossiping and go to the extent of taunting Ganga. Watch as Ganga gives all an apt reply.

In haveli, Anandi informs Ganga that a lawyer has been hired to look into her case and since she has gone through so many atrocities it won’t be difficult to prove Ratan Singh guilty. To further strengthen her case and to act as a self-dependent mother, Anandi urges Ganga to take up education. Watch this entire sequence here.

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