Jagya refuses to marry again # Balika Vadhu Weekly Update, 23rd March-30th March
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After Anandi’s romantic confession, Shiv and Anandi return home completely drenched in water. Looking at them, Dadaji and Mahi tease them while others have a good time.

Dadisa coaxes Bhairon Singh to go and have word with Jagya regarding re-marriage. Bhairon talks to Jagya and insists that he should settle down with a new partner. Jagya says that he doesn’t feel alone and has resigned himself to the fact that marriage isn’t his fate. Bhairon leaves dejected.

Later, Ganga enters Jagya’s room and tells him that she has learnt a new word in English, ‘Thank you’. Jagya laughs while Ganga thanks him for rescuing her from a subjugated life. Jagya suggests her to move ahead in life when Ganga tells him that he too should do the same. Jagya gets furious and asks her to leave the room.

At circuit house, Shiv catches Anandi day dreaming and comes up to her. Anandi feels shy and Shiv embraces her but Dadisa’s phone call breaks the moment. Dadisa shares her melancholy about Jagya’s rebuttal to settle down again. Anandi tells Dadisa that these decisions are hard to take. Shiv tells Anandi that she should go and speak to Jagya as he can not say no to Anandi.

Next day Anandi meets Jagya at the hospital and tries to convince him. She says that she too was rigid about not getting married but now she is happy to be with Shiv. Jagya gets emotional listening to her but remains stoic.

Anandi tells him to forget his bad past and move on, when Jagya breaks his silence.  He says that he was a bad person and not the past, because his past is filled with Anandi’s memories and moving on in life would mean loosing them.

Stunned to hear Jagya’s feelings, Anandi leaves with a heavy heart and calls up Shiv and breaks into tears. She tells him how Jagya still has feelings for her. Shiv consoles her.

Dadisa has been missing Anandi for quite sometime and decides to call her over to spend a night before she leaves for Udaipur. She personally goes and meets Shiv in his office and requests him if Anandi could speak to Jagya about considering settling down. Shiv tells her that he also thought about it and Anandi had already met Jagya but he refused. Dadisa feels indebted for Shiv’s efforts and blesses him.

She then goes to Circuit house to meet Anandi and thanks her for talking to Jagya. She invites Anandi to stay over.

Ganga goes to Jagya’s room with a glass of milk but he refuses to have anything. Ganga keeps insisting and Jagya shouts at her. Ganga gets very scared and hurriedly leaves the room. Jagya feels guilty.

Panchayat refuses to accept Anandi’s resignation and the entire Jaitsar gets the news of Shiv’s transfer . They march up to Shiv’s office to convince him, but when Shiv explains his compulsions, the villagers understand.

After convincing the villagers, Shiv and Anandi pay a visit to Dadisa. Anandi insists that she would cook for everyone for the last time before she shifts to Udaipur. Jagya feels awkward to have Shiv and Ganga over. After dinner Shiv leaves for Circuit House while Anandi stays back.

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