Jagya marries Ganga in a dramatic twist!
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Amidst a high voltage drama Jagya will put ‘sindoor’ in Ganga’s ‘maang’ which will be witnessed by his family, Sanchi and her family. (Watch the promo here)


This will be Jagya’s third marriage. Jagya got married to Anandi when he was all of 10 years. This was the main peg of the show which focused on the issue of child marriage. As they grew up Jagya was not ready to take Anandi’s responsibility anymore as he wanted to study further. He shifted to Mumbai to pursue his MBBS where he met fellow medical student Gauri and fell in love with her. Jagya married Gauri’s against the wishes of his family. He refused to acknowledge his marriage to Anandi citing the fact that he was underage. 


However, Jagya’s second marriage to Gauri was short lived as he realized that Gauri was not compatible with his family due to some past slight that had happened with her. He also realized that Gauri was after his ancestral property and he decided to divorce her. 


Jagya fell in love with his childhood sweetheart Anandi but unfortunately she had moved on and a very heartbroken Jagya found solace in Ganga. Before he could realize that he was slowly but surely falling in love with Ganga, Sanchi entered his life and they got engaged. 


His love for Ganga got a thrust only when Ganga left for Mangalore to pursue her nursing course. Distance made the heart grow fonder. At the same time, he overheard Sanchi’s conversation with her friends where she revealed that she was just pretending to like Jagya’s family. Jagya called off his wedding with Sanchi. 


In the upcoming episode, we will see Jagya rescuing Ganga from jail. He brings her back to Jaitsar after rescuing her and proving her innocence. Meanwhile Sanchi’s family also reaches Jatisar to apologize to Jagya for their behavior and to convince him to forgive Sanchi for her mistake and to reconsider marriage. But they are in for a shock when Jagya announces that he will marry Ganga. 


Though Jagya and Ganga will be married the struggle will not end for them. Dadisa will not allow Jagya to stay at badi haveli and he will be thrown out. So what happens next to the newly wed couple? Will they be separated from their family and manage to create a new home? 


Keep hanging on to this space for more updates and keep watching Balika vadhu.

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