Jagya loses his cool over Abhimanyu! #Balika Vadhu
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  • March 20, 2015
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In tonight’s episode we will how dadisa panics on realizing that Shivam has gone missing from School. she wonders what will she tell Anandi, who is already going through a turmoil. Jagya tries calming her down and informs the cops about Shivam.

Meanwhile, Shivam is seen walking towards home but, soon realizes that he has lost. He starts crying and shouts out for his mother. After looking around for him, Jagya finally finds him sitting under a tree. Shivam gets excited and relieved and goes ruuning towards Jagya to hug him. He also informs Jagya that there was no farm trip organized by his school. Dadisa and Jagya realize that Abhimanyu had lied to put Shivam into trouble. On hearing this, Jagya looses his calm and starts thrashing Abhimanyu but he escapes. Ganga notices this and grabs him to slap him for being disrespectful towards his father but Anandi stops her.

Later we see how Akheraj discriminates a girl child from a boy. He throws a fit when Naini asks for  asking for money to buy some books. He discourages her for studies saying she is a girl. On the other hand, when Kundan arrives and asks for 500 Rupees, he happily obliges him even without asking for a reason. Nimboli feels bad for Naini.

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