Jagya is arrested #Balika Vadhu 14th oct to 19thoct 2013
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Sanchi and family decide to file a case against Jagya. Police comes to the hospital and arrests Jagya. Ganga runs to badi haveli and informs Dadisa and Bhairon about Jagya’s arrest. Sumitra once again blames Ganga for putting Jagya into trouble. Bhiaron and Basant rush to the jail. Police authorities tell them that a case has been filed against Jagya and now he will be produced in the court which will decide his fate. Basant and Bhairon return home and tell everything to Dadisa and Sumitra. Dadisa asks Basant to call Shiv but Shiv doesn’t answer the phone. Basant then calls up Daddu and requests him to take the case back and to solve the issue outside the court but Daddu insults him back. Both of them have a heated argument over the phone.


Meanwhile Anandi gets a court notice to be present for testimony as Jagya’s ex wife. Ira asks Anandi about her decision. Anandi is speechless and she breaks down; meanwhile Bhairon reaches kesar bagh at the same time and sees Anandi’s distress. Bhairon talks to the whole family and requests everyone to think again about the court case but Ira insults him and tells him that their decision is final. Bhairon goes back and calls up Dadisa and tells them that no one at kesar bagh is ready to listen. 

Ira tells Shiv that Anandi will play a very important role in the case. She warns Shiv that Anandi has to choose between the two families now and if she says anything against Sanchi then it will be not good for their relationship. Jagya is produced in the court and the proceedings start.


Who will Anandi support? Will Jagya come out of jail? To know all this keep watchin Balika Vadhu

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