Jagya is a hero for Sanchi & Ganga #Balika Vadhu Weekly Update 3rd June-8th June
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The week more or less revolved around Jagya. His heroism, his love, his kindness and all that which is getting him close to both Ganga and Sanchi. 

He takes Sanchi home after the horrific incident everyone is shocked to see Sanchi and her condition. Jagya sensitively tells them everything,  narrating what happened. All are shocked, while Mahi and Shiv are very angry. Sanchi keeps crying relentlessly. Jagya requests alok not to be angry at sanchi, as she’s been through a trauma that they can't even imagine, and that she needs their support now. Alok gives a comforting hug while she apologizes.  Ananadi, looks at jagya with gratitude. She and shiv come to him to thank him for protecting Sanchi. Watch as Shiv consoles Sanchi 

After the incident Sanchi starts liking Jagya even more and calls him to thank him for what he did for her. Sanchi says that for her, its a big thing, as he saved her future, her self respect and her dignity from being spoiled. She says that she’s feeling better talking to him. To watch the conversation click here.

Jagya reaches jaitsar to be with Ganga as her exams just got over and she is upset and crying because her one paper didn't go well. While Jagya cheers up Ganga with a pep talk, Sanchi is wondering why he hasn’t called her after reaching home. Sanchi calls Jagya but he ignores the call as he is busy talking to Ganga. Watch sanchi getting insecure

Jagya decides to take Ganga to temple. Some goons come in a van, and find Jagya while having gola! They eye him and begin to progress. The goons start beating Jagya. Ganga screams out for Jagya, while they keep pelting him with one blow after the other. 

Ganga doesn't get any help from anyone around so she decides to take Jagya to hospital herself. Watch Ganga taking Jagya to hospital on a cart and as she does this something happens

Ganga tells Anandi about the accident and Anandi informs her family. Shiv calls up Bhairo and ask about Jagya's condition. Sumitra gets angry at Ganga for calling Anandi and telling her about the accident, Dadisa explains Ganga that they have decided not to tell anything to Anandi.

Meanwhile, Sanchi is impatient and restless about Jagya's whereabout and wondering why Jagya is not calling her. She finally calls Jagya and Ganga picks up and informs Sanchi about Jagya’s accident. Sanchi is tensed and wants to cancel her trip with friends to be with Jagya. Watch Sanchi confessing her love for Jagya

Sanchi reaches the hospital while Anandi and Shiv are already there they are surprised and shocked to see Sanchi there.

Will Jagya realize that both Sanchi & Ganga are in love with him? Will he be forced to choose either one or does Jagya’s heart still beats for Anandi? Watch this space to know what happens next week. 


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