Jagya gets engaged to Sanchi #Balika Vadhu 19th August to 24th August
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Amidst a lot of drama, apprehensions, emotions and uncertainty Jagya and sanchi exchange rings and get one more step closer to a life long relationship.

Anandi and Sanchi reach the Badi haveli in the morning to attend the ‘naamkaran’ ceremony of Gehna’s newly born baby. Meanwhile Shiv and the rest of the family reach badi haveli for the engagement ceremony in the evening. Dadisa comes to know that Jagya is not in the haveli and she tells the same to Anandi. Everyone is tensed and just then Shiv overhears their conversation. Shiv tells them that they should tell the truth to the rest of the family about Jagya’s sudden disappearance. Jagya on the other hand goes to meet Ganga who is leaving Jaitsar to go to Mangalore for her nursing course. Jagya and Ganga both get emotional on seeing each other. Jagya gives a stuffed toy to Mannu which he used to play with when he was in badi haveli. Ganga leaves Jaitsar.

Here at Badi haveli Sanchi gets ready and heads towards the main hall. Dadisa and the rest of the family are tensed as no one knows where Jagya is. Dadisa is about to break the news to Shiv’s family and that’s when Jagya enters. Jagya apologizes for his behavior and goes to his room to get ready for the engagement. Shiv goes to his room and asks him if he is serious about his relationship with Sanchi. Shiv expresses his concern over his sister’s future with Jagya. Jagya tells Shiv not to worry and tells him that he will take care of this relationship. Anandi realizes that Jagya might be in love with Ganga. The engagement takes place and both the families are happy.

The next day its Raksha Bandhan. The festival brings back fond memories of Shiv, Mahi & Sanchi’s childhood. 

Meanwhile Jagya is constantly thinking about Ganga and just then Ganga calls him to inform that she has reached and kind off getting settled in the new place. Jagya decides that he will go to Mangalore to meet Ganga. The next day he informs his family about this decision. Sumitra objects and asks him not to do this. Bhairon tells everyone that Jagya is mature enough to take his own decisions and that they should not stop him. Sumitra gets angry at Jagya and Bhairon. Jagya leaves for Mangalore on the day of ‘Teej’. At kesar bagh Anandi and other family members celebrate Teej.  Sanchi also keeps ‘vrat’ for Jagya. On the other hand Jagya reaches Mangalore and meets Ganga. Both are very emotional. Jagya gifts her a saree. Sanchi calls up Jagya to tell him about her ‘vrat’ for him and asks him to come to Udaipur. Jagya informs her that he is in Mangalore. Sanchi gets very angry at Jagya and breaks her fast.


The drama from here on will get even more interesting. Has Jagya realized his love for Ganga? What will Sanchi do to call back Jagya? Keep watching Balika Vadhu for more drama.

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