Jagya calls off his marriage with Sanchi #Balika Vadhu recap 16th September to 21st September
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Finally Jagya was able to take a decision and get rid of the confusion he was in for the past few months. He called off his wedding with Sanchi.


Jagya goes to Udaipur for work and coincidentally bumps into Anandi. Both of them go to a coffee shop to talk as Anandi wants to know what is going in Jagya’s mind about the wedding, about Sanchi and more importantly about Ganga. While they are talking to each other they hear Sanchi talking to her friends. They are shocked to hear the conversation as Sanchi tells her friend about the drama she has been doing to impress everyone at the Badi Haveli. She also makes it clear that post her marriage with Jagya she will force Jagya to move out of the house and to stay separately from his family. Anandi is shocked listening to all this and she regrets that she thought Sanchi had changed. Sanchi’s talks angers Jagya but Anandi tells him to keep his calm. Anandi tells Jagya that she will talk to Shiv about it. Jagya leaves Udaipur and on his way to Jaitsar he keeps thinking about everything that has happened with Sanchi, Ganga and him. He stops by a temple and prays to god to show him the right direction. He takes a u-turn and goes back to kesarbagh. The whole family is pleasantly surprised to see him. He comes and tells everyone that he doesn’t want to marry Sanchi. Everyone is stunned, Anandi is in tears. Everyone questions him about the reason but he doesn’t say anything against Sanchi instead he tells everyone that he thinks this marriage will end up in a sour relationship. No one is convinced. Shiv comes and humiliates him and taunts him about his past with Anandi and Gauri. Anandi is in tears and wonders why Jagya is not telling the truth. Jagya apologizes to everyone and leaves from there.


At badi haveli Dadisa and the other family members are busy with the wedding preparations. Sumitra gets a call from Ira informing her about Jagya’s decision. Sumitra is stunned and breaks down. She shares the news with everyone. All the family members are shocked to hear that Jagya had called off the wedding. 


At Mangalore Bala has a dirty plan. He calls Ganga to a secluded room and tries to molest her. Ganga manages to escape and call for help. Bala accuses Ganga of stealing and tells everyone that he caught her red handed and to save herself from being arrested she offered herself to him. The hospital authorities trust Bala and Ganga is arrested by the police.


Jagya reaches Badi haveli. Everyone questions him about his decision and the reason behind it. He is about to reveal the truth but at that moment he gets a call from Mangalore informing him about Ganga’s arrest. He is disturbed and decides to leave immediately. Sumitra stops him and tells him that he can’t go anywhere before answering them and solving the whole drama which he has created.


Was Jagya right in calling off the marriage? What would Anandi do now? How will Sanchi react to this? For all this keep watching Balika Vadhu

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