Jagya and Anandi come face to face yet again! Weekly recap 11th Jan-17th Jan
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Last week began with, Bhairon Singh and Shyam visiting Shiv and Anandi to take the couple to Jaitsar for the pag-phera ritual that Shiv’s mother had cancelled. Bhairon Singh reveals that Shiv had called them to confirm the previous night. Ira is shocked to know Shiv’s secret attempts to bond with his in-laws and looks displeased. Watch how Sanchi adds fuel to the simmering fire inside Ira’s heart and how Choti Maa pacifies her.

Shiv and Anandi seek blessings from everyone, bid farewell to Shiv’s family as they prepare to leave for Jaitsar. Shiv and Anandi get a warm welcome from the entire Jaitsar village. Anandi looks ecstatic and greets everyone. Watch how Dadisa makes fun of Anandi about her new look. 

Anandi’s eyes start wandering inside the haveli when Shiv suddenly enquires about Jagya. Dadisa wards the situation by lying to them that Jagya has gone to Jaipur for some work. Everyone then gets into action and prepare for lunch, when Anandi rushes back to see her room. To watch Anandi’s nostalgic trip Click here! Suddenly while Choti Maa is sharing her happiness to have Anandi as a part of their family, Lal Singh arrives enquiring about Sumitra’s treatment. When Anandi seeks to know about her condition, Lal Singh lies.

Dadisa asks Sumitra to get going with the rituals, when Anandi insists to offer help. She goes to Dadisa’s room and opens her cupboard, only to get a shock! She discovers Jagya’s letter and feels distressed. Click to watch what’s written in the letter! Anandi comes back and reprimand’s Dadisa for hiding the truth from the family.

Anandi feels the pang of not being able to reciprocate the same amount of emotions and help to her family at the time of their distress. Shiv tries to salvage the situation and tells Anandi to control her emotions. He takes her home and promises Dadisa to bring her back for the ceremony. Watch how Dadisa laments while talking about the whole situation.

Meanwhile, on the parallel track, Jagya spots Ganga walking around in the village right after her injury, and notices her efforts to avoid crossing his path. He confronts Ganga and urges to take care of herself and not to bear the atrocities of her husband. Click to watch their one sided conversation!

It is revealed that the night before, in a drunken state, Ratan Singh tried to force himself on Ganga as she tries to puts her son to sleep. Ratan’s first wife confronts him and accuses him of having the best of both the worlds. She accuses him of being lecherous and immoral. Watch the video!

Next day, Shiv tells everyone at home that he has to go for a surprise visit to Shanti Dham Anaathalaya to distribute things to the orphanage and seeks Ira’s permission to take Anandi along. In the village the couple gets a shock as they see Jagya. Watch as Anandi questions Jagya!

The couple returns to Jaitsar and while Dadisa starts asking them about their visit, Jagya enters the house surprising everyone! 

What will happen when Shiv, Anandi and Jagya come face to face? Watch the space for more!

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