Jagga and Meher get into a major argument!
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  • January 27, 2021
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Tonight on Choti Sarrdaarni, we see Kulwant calling Yuving to tell him to fool Param by telling him about a treasure in their storeroom. Kulwant’s plan ends up working and Param goes to the storeroom and rescues Kulwant. O getting out, she goes to her room and sees that all her clothes hanging to dry are messed up and lying all across the room. Sh then comes out to where Harleen is hosting a kitty party. She purposely spoils the party which leads to Meher getting furious at her. Just then, Jagga comes there and Kulwant slyly uses this opportunity to her advantage and falls on Harleen’s feet asking for an apology. Jagga sees this and gets very angry. Kulwant plays her game in front of Jagga and there is a heated argument between Meher and Jagga

Later, an argument takes place between Harleen and Jagga and things get worse. In the heat of the moment, Jagga is about to slap Meher and just then Sarab holds his hand. Unable to bear this, Sarab and Jagga are about to get into a fight when Meher stops both of them. Meher warns Jagga to not speak a word against Sarab. Jagga is super annoyed and he leaves with Kulwant and on a sour note with Meher. With so much on-going stress, Meher faints. Sarab pacifies Meher and tells her that Jagga will call her the moment he realizes his mistake. On the other hand, Jagga tells Kulwant that Meher is under Sarab’s influence and she will call him when she realizes this.

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