Jab dil hi toot gaya…!
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  • November 29, 2013
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This week, Bigg Boss announces a special task for Gauahar, ‘Kisko Pyar Karun’, wherein Ajaz and Kushal are asked to woo Gauahar and win her heart. Both the contenders are required to go through various rounds and the one who clears all the rounds will be declared as the winner of the task and Gauahar’s heart. To add to the fun element, Andy is selected as the host of the task. 

During the task, both Ajaz and Kushal are seen giving their best to flatter Gauahar. They both even confess their love for her in front of everyone. Gauahar is seen getting emotional and shedding some tears with all the attention that is being showered on her. When the time comes to announce the winner, Gauahar thanks both – Ajaz and Kushal – for making her feel special and names Kushal as the winner saying that he has always supported her regardless of the situation.

Though a little upset about losing,  Ajaz chose to be sporty and made fun of the whole situation while shedding some crocodile tears. Adding to the fun, Sangram and Armaan wipe Ajaz’s fake tears and console him. 

Is Ajaz trying to hide his pain behind the façade or is he really happy for Kushal and Gauahar? Well this is something that only time will tell…

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