It’s Verdict Day!
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  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • December 5, 2019
  • at
  • 12:18 pm

Tonight, on Choti Sarrdaari, Sarab’s loyalists gather at Kulwant Kaur’s house and ask her about why she is against Sarabjeet being the PRO. That’s when Kulwant Kaur gets annoyed and accuses him of being a murderer and killing her daughter Meher. On the other hand, Mehar is brought to the Indian Embassy. Sarab, in the meantime, is being taken to the court for the final verdict. The Indian embassy officials are told that Attari police is waiting for her outside the airport. Kulwant Kaur is leaving for the court but Jagga is nowhere to be found.


Later, Sarab is brought to the court by the police and there is a huge crowd, media people trying to ask questions from Sarab. Just then Harleen comes there and hugs Sarab. She asks him to speak in court today. Sarab asks Harleen to send Param to his nana and nani after he is arrested. Parallelly, a plan is being devised to prove Sarab’s innocence but who could do this? Tune in t Choti Sarrdaarni tonight at 7:30 pm to find out more!

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