Its time to show some dedication in SurKshetra!
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The 12 contestants in SurKshetra from both sides of the border have shown their talent for singing as well as love for their nations in the first 6 episodes. But now, they will have to step up and show their dedication as well. Now, this is not because the jury doubts their dedication, but this week, the theme for SurKshetra is 'Dedication'.

In this episode, the contestants will dedicate their performance to 1 special person or thing in their life. And all the contestants are definitely up to this challenge! This episode will see all the contestants performing soulful songs that touch the listeners' hearts. Nadeem Abbas, the soft spoken Pakistani Jaanbaaz, will perform on Tu Hi Re, a performance that will fetch him his Captain's appreciation. Ameer Ali, another one of Atif's favourite, will sing the soulful 'Laagi Tumse Mann ki Lagan'. We wonder to whom these performances are dedicated. But 1 dedication that we know is Nabeel Shaukat Ali's. In  a show of respect to his Captain, Nabeel will sing Atif's hit song 'Bakhuda Tumhi Ho'. We hope that this song is appreciated by the subject of his dedication. 

But the contestant that is truly the star of the night will be Diljaan. He has already won a million hearts with his soulful and honest performances till now, but this time he sings'Chitthi Na Koi Sandes' and will manage to bring tears to everyone's eyes. Does that mean India can finally lay their claim to the Surtaaj title? You'll have to watch the episode for that!

And we're not giving too much away, but the battle of the nations will well and truly start today. Watch the episode to witness some sparks flying between the stalwarts from India and Pakistan. We just hope that these grudges don't stay for long.

So this Dedication episode promises lots of action, tears and drama. And of course, some very good music by the talent from India and Pakistan.

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