It’s time to make your Captain win!
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  • December 20, 2012
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With a little over a week left for the Grand Finale, the SurKshetra contestants are putting in all their efforts and training to win the SurKshetra crown for their country. But this is not a fight only between the finalists and their singing. This is a fight for the prestige of two countries, and their captains. And the good news is, you can help your favourite captain!

Don't worry, you won't have to sing for your country. All you have to do is vote for your favourite captain here-

The race to become the best captain has already heated up since SurKshetra started. Himesh Reshammiya has received more than 1,30,000 votes while Atif trails a little behind with over 1,20,000 votes. So if you're an Atif fan, this is the time to show him some love and help him win this title! And if you're a Himesh fan, don't rest on the lead that he has, vote for him and give him an unassailable lead over his rival.

In the past weeks, we have seen the good, bad and ugly sides of both the captains. Atif talks of brotherhood and 'aman', while Himesh is almost always in war mode, fully committed to winning the show. If Atif is generous with his praise for the contestants, getting a compliment from Himesh is a great task. If Himesh is deferential towards the jury, Atif is always respectful, but not scared of speaking his mind. It is all these traits that have warmed both Himesh and Atif to their respective fans, and no doubt, earned them new ones.

What they have in common is that they're both completely committed to being the best mentors to their respective contestants. And both of them rock the stage when they perform in SurKshetra.

So you've known them long enough to make a choice, and now is the time. Vote for your favourite Captain as many as 100 times a day before 23nd December, and watch him win. What's in it for you? If your favorite captain wins, you can win exciting Colors merchandize!

So click here before 23rd December- and get voting!


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