It’s time for some Freeze and Release in the housemates!
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  • December 30, 2014
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This week has in store some of the most exciting activities in the house. To begin with, Bigg Boss launched the luxury task ‘Freeze and release’. The task has been one of the highlight's of previous seasons of the show and quite controversial also, where as soon as Bigg Boss said freeze, housemates have to become a statue and be like that till they are released. This task was applicable for everyone in the house except Ajaz Khan, whose parallel task was to distract all the housemates in all the way possible. Just imagine if a little mention of such fun task makes you go crazy how it will actually look like!


All of them were asked to freeze for moment and there were special tourists sent inside the house. As they all entered, Ajaz was asked to take them through the house tour and introduce them to each housemate. It was hilarious as half of them froze while they were cooking and eating their lunch! Ajaz gave ‘Vishesh tippani’ as Bigg Boss also released Ajaz from his ‘Maun Vrat’.The tourists tried clicking pictures and also distracted all under the task. 


It looked like Bigg Boss himself was having super fun asking them to freeze and release. Ali and Karishma, being certainly his favorite, were tortured in an extremely comic way!




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