It’s the battle of the Captains in Sur Kshetra!
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Sur Kshetra hasn't been any less than battle till now. The contestants have sung against each other to reach the finalist chair, guided ably by the captains, Himesh and Atif. But what if the Captains have to enter the battle? 

This is exactly what will happen in the 20th episode of Sur Kshetra, because the theme is Himesh Reshammiya vs. Atif!

And the best part is that the Pakistani contestants will sing blockbusters from the Himesh stable while the Indian contestants will try to recreate Atif Aslam's magic. Not just that, you'll also see Pakistani contestants dressed in Himesh's signature style of casuals and a cap. Talk about being inspired! And we all know that Atif's dressing style is as good as his singing talent. So you can expect some sharp dressing on the Indian side too.

Another highlight of the episode will be Himesh and Atif's performances. Himesh is keen to take to the mic at every opportunity he can get. And in an episode dedicated to him and his rival captain, it is unthinkable that he'll not sing one of his hit songs. But the twist in the tale is that Ashaji will join him in his high energy performance. And the bigger twist is that she'll wear a cap and sing just like himesh, with her mic high in the air!

It looks like a day of imitating Himesh as the in-house mimic Mulazim, too, will mimic Himesh's energetic moves when he's performing. Don't mind Himesh, after all, imitation is the best form of flattery!

But it's not all fun and games in this episode. The contestants from both sides of the border will try their best to out-perform the others. And this battle means you will get to hear some brilliant singing from Nabeel, Diljaan, and the others. So miss this episode at your own risk.

Watch a sneak peek of the Himesh Vs. Atif episode here!

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