It’s party time in the Bigg Boss House! Synopsis, Day 79
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Dancing to the tunes of where’s the party tonight, housemates wake up on Day 79 of the Bigg Boss season 8. Little knowing what awaits them ahead, contestants start their household morning tasks. All the housemates are gathered in the living area  as Karishma announces the luxury budget task of the week, ‘Party Toh Banti Hai’. Housemates are divided into two, Team Pritam and Team Puneet.

Puneet and Pritam select their respective teams. Pritam selects, Sonali, Praneet and Upen while Puneet select Gautam, Ali and Diandra. As Dimpy is not selected by anyone she is designated as  the waiter of the party and will need to take care of all guests. Contestants then submit their individual guest list  to Captain Karishma for her perusal. Karishma being Karishma, scrutinizes the list and disapproves many names who she thinks aren’t celebrities.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss provides the housemates with appropriate items to organize their party, including utensils and other party items. All the housemates then go into the confession room to make the invitation calls. Two contestants from each team go together. Heads of their respective teams, Pritam and Puneet are the first ones to make the calls followed by Gautam – Upen, Ali – Praneet and Diandra – Sonali.

While team Puneet gear up to organize their get together in the garden area, team Pritam make arrangements inside the house. The team with maximum celebrity guests and better arrangements will be announced as winners. This is the first time ever in the history of the show that the viewers will witness a unique party inside the Bigg Boss house where the contestants are given a chance to invite their celebrity friends.

Who’s-Who of the tinsel town will grace the house of Bigg Boss 8 during the Party Toh Banti Hai Task?

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