It’s only P2G now: Gautam
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Nahiiiiiiii aissa nahi ho sakta!!! There has been a 'galatfehmi' in the P3G group. 


I heard Pritam and Gautam having some serious discussion when Gautam, who is going through a real rough time in the house shared how he doesn’t want to trust Praneet anymore. He told Pritam that he doesn’t like him after he has shown his true colours. Not only this, but he added, “Praneet is no more part of the group, and now it is only a P2G.” Gautam, who we can see has parted ways with his old well wishers in the house, found a buddy in Pritam to share his desolation. He also shared that Puneet ji,whom he respects the most in the house also became quite mean during the captainship task and that he felt betrayed. Well, dear Gautam, there are many things happening in the house, which are not in favour of you and you might get to know as the time flies by! 


I was totally engrossed in their conversation, when Gautam finally revealed why he didn’t go ahead with his alleged affair with Sonali. Sonali had apparently told him”I want to be with you”.In his justification, Gautam said that he has a different choice and wasn’t much interested in going ahead with her, though he finds her beautiful. Then I saw a little agitated Gautam as he mentioned that when people dislike him so much in the house, why did they push him so much for Sonali??? Why such double standards?? Ohho now I see,why you didn’t pay heed to that Mr.G! 


Till now we can only see a tough guy corned by every one in the house but will Gautam be able to survive through this for the entire season? I am dying to know! 


Don’t miss the episode tonight @ 9pm on Colors!





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