It’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham in the Bigg Boss house
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  • October 22, 2014
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  • 4:13 pm

I sneaked inside the house while the gharwaales were busy with the gana and bajana. I mean tell me about it! Who would have thought about so much tamasha inside the house this morning! My understanding says these inmates know how to ‘kiss and make up!’.Hey no! no kissing business inside actually! However the given wounds would surely take a while to be healed as the time passes by. Everyone in the house is smart enough to know when to put a stop to things because in order to survive inside, mingling is kind of a sure thing! But the interesting thing is to see that it's becoming alarmingly challenging for each one of them to do so.

To counter this, captain Ali came up with the idea of playing ‘Antakshari’ in the garden area just to lighten the atmosphere for the day. All the members willingly joined in to support and next I saw was them not only singing but also dancing together in a circle. I think this is one good thing about these housemates this season who don’t believe in frowning the whole day if something goes wrong! 'Let go' has become the biggest strength for all of them, which is of course difficult the other way round. But hey! after today’s fight who are those people who are conspiring against others for a badla??

You will get to see in tonight's episode at 9 pm. Don't forget to tune in! 


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