It’s going to be an ‘ITEM’ week on Jhalak
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  • July 22, 2013
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Grooving to her latest bollywood number ‘ghagra’ the diva Madhuri Dixit announced the next weeks challenge for the Jhalak contestants – ITEM NUMBERS!

The contestants will have to perform on item songs in the next episode. Having already set bench marks in the earlier episodes, Lauren, Mukti & Drashti outdid themselves in the last costume episode by getting perfect 30. This time the challenge for all contestants is to live upto the judges’ expectation and do something really different. We will have to wait and see how each of the contestants and their choreographers will add a twist to this otherwise simple theme and turn it into a more spectacular and challenging one. 

The judges lately have become stricter in their judgment on the technical dancing and with a easy theme like item songs they will be even more tighter with their scores. 

With the competition having completed 2 months, the bar has been raised by the wild card contestants who joined the race late but yet have managed to get top scores. Can the remaining nine contestants play a better game and do something different or will we still see the usual contestants scoring perfect 30’s and the rest getting by with their popularity? Have the judges thrown a googly with this relatively easy theme or do they want the bottom rung to catch up with the rest? Well, this is something which we will have to wait and watch as the competition at Jhalak gets more tougher and stronger.


All we can say is bring on the item challenge!!!

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