It’s going to be a surprise: Saei Jamshed
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All eyes are set on the little genius Saei Jamshed and his magical fingers for the finale of India’s Got Talent season 5. “It’s going to be a surprise!!!” chuckles Saei who has been busy rehearsing his final act It has been a dream journey for the brilliant Pianist who has slowly won over not only the judges’ hearts but the entire nation. A candid talk with to Saei and his mother reveals all the excitement that this son and mother duo is going through.

How does it feel to be in the finals and loved by so many people?

Mother:  I am very happy and glad that he has reached till here. I was always sure about his talent, it’s just that it never got recognized before but now with this platform of IGT it has reached millions. I feel he truly deserves to be in the final because his talent is not common.

Saei: I am super excited and busy rehearsing.

Did you expect to come so far?

Mother: I don’t want to sound over confident but I always had a strong feeling and confidence on Saei’s talent and abilities. I Knew that he will connect to his audience and like all the judges keep saying he really plays for those who are listening to him I absolutely believe in that.

What are you going to play in the finals?

Saei: It’s going to be a surprise!!! I want all to wait and watch and listen to me. I am working on it.

Mother: Since he is in the finals he has been only working on his music. He and his mind has been busy busy busy.

People have started to recognize you when you walk in public places. How does it make you feel?

Saei: Yes some notice and some don’t  but it feels amazing when someone comes up to me and tells me that I was good. I smile and get encouraged.

Mother: The response has been amazing. I have got people calling me and appreciating Saei’s performance. Some of them tell me that his music gets tear in their eyes. I feel he really has that talent and magic which connects to the listeners and touchs them in more than one way. I feel proud.

Last words before the finals

Saei: I am excited and I hope I Am able to give my best

Mother: I have my fingers crossed. He has won million hearts, which already to me is an amazing achievement. I have all my wishes with my little boy and I am confident that he will do the best.


Well we will be waiting for Saei’s magical performance. And we wish him all the best.

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