Its Babbars v/s Lambas! Synopsis, Day 16
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 Day 16 of Bigg Boss started with housemates waking up to the tune of “Dilli wali girlfriend”.  Though Bigg Boss had punished everyone the previous day by limiting their ration to dal-chawal for one week, today he decided to give them another chance by way of a task.

As soon as Bigg Boss announced the Luxury Budget task- ‘Babbars Vs Lambas’, the members were divided into two families. While Lamba family was headed by Minissha, Aarya was in charge of the Babbar family. Upen and Sonali were to pose as a couple in love and accomplish the five tasks given by Bigg Boss. Giving a twist to the whole task, Bigg Boss instructed the Lamba family to support the couple in love whereas the Babbar family was asked to stop them from accomplishing their tasks.

 Upen had to take Sonali on a romantic date in the first part of the task followed by a ball dance inside the pool. In the third part of the task, Upen and Sonali were asked to lock themselves up inside the restroom for ten minutes. Sonali then had to prepare haldi wala doodh for Upen which she could serve to him only at bedtime. The Babbars also had to guard the kangans given to them while the Lamba family had to steal those kangans and make Sonali wear them so as to accomplish the last part of the task.

 While Bigg Boss did not give any instructions regarding the rules to be followed in treating each other while completing the tasks, some housemates went out of control and even destroyed some of the in-house properties. While Aarya broke the bathroom door, Puneet Issar in his aggression kicked the garden area table wasting the food laid by the Lamba family for Upen & Sonali’s date. Karishma and Soni crossed all limits while stopping Minisha from accomplishing the task and in the process managed to push Deepshika hard against the restroom mirror which eventually broke into pieces while injuring Deepshika on her head.

While their belligerence saw no perimeter, Natasha was visibly affected the most by the hostility of the housemates and requested Bigg Boss to allow her go home. The day ended with Natasha being pacified by Bigg Boss after a short conversation and Lamba family accomplishing all the tasks given to them. 

 Will this task result in some new bonding and new animosities? 


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