It’s all about the "will" this week in Beintehaa!
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Barkat has finally played her trick through Shazia and Nafisa. An owner of 51 per cent of Abdullah property now wants the will to be executed. However, Suraiya and Osman are heartbroken and shocked due to this raise in voice of Shazia. “Shazia has always been an outspoken, blunt and straight forward kind of a woman; she speaks her heart out always. So, she is demanding her share in the property for her child’s future. She is feeling insecure as her husband Fahad who has helped Osman to establish the Barkat Royale is not given the respect and share that he owns in the family,” Namrata Pathak who portrays the character of Shazia tells you.
Surprisingly this time, the elder bahu and Fahad’s first wife Nafisa is supporting Shazia. “Nafisa is a woman of worth, she gets insecure at times but she has a good heart. But this time, she support Shazia as Nafisa also wants the same thing – secure future for her two daughters. She feels that it will be an injustice with Fahad if Barkat gets 51 per cent share of the property. She is ready to walk out of the house with Shazia,” explains Gunjan Vijaya who plays Nafisa in the show.
Everyone including Fahad is shocked at Shazia and Nafisa’s behaviour. However, Barakt feels that Shazia and Nafisa are the only two people whom she can manipulate. So, she stops Shazia and Nafisa and promises them that in two days will execution will happen. On the other hand, Aaliya consoles Osman and promises him that she will not let the family break at any cost. Let’s wait for the upcoming episodes to see if Aaliya will once again save the situation. Keep watching Beintehaa! Stay tuned to this space to get more updates.

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