It’s A Century For Shakti
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Ever since the start of the show, Shakti has stirred a mass curiosity and engagement over the sensitive subject matter. When the society claims not to accept a certain fragment of people just on the basis of how God willed them to be, a show about two sisters came into the picture, not only to raise awareness but to streamline the emotional thread of the concept.

Both Saumya and Surbhi, who are sisters, go through preferential treatment as kids. On one hand where Saumya’s father Maninder has great hatred towards her, on the other hand he showers a lot of love on Surbhi. Saumya has been guarded by her mother Nimmi all her life. Later on when she grows up and becomes of a marriageable age, the truth confronts her and her sister in a harsh way after her marriage with Harman. She comes to learn that she is Kinner and faces great turmoil in accepting this fact of her life.

The story is spun around these two sisters and the journey has been an exciting exhibit that makes us come to terms with a reality that one tends to bypass in the banalities of a daily life.

We met the cast and asked them to share their views with us about their journey

Here’s what Saumya aka Rubina Dilaik had to share with us



Here’s what Harman aka Vivian Dsena has to share with us




Saumya and Harman show some love for the fans



The cast is super happy and strikes poses glee-fully for their fans









We hope Shakti continues its fabulous journey. Keep watching  Shakti from Monday to Friday at 8PM!

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