Ishq Ka Rang Safed: Will Viplav withdraw from the case?
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  • September 2, 2015
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Dhani and Viplav can’t stand the sight of each other but it seems fate has different plans for both of them. After Dhani and the other widows are thrown out of the ashram, Dhani is forced to seek the help of a lawyer. It’s Vidhi that puts her in touch with Viplav who agrees to take up her case..

Throughout the conversation that Dhani has with the lawyer regarding her and the other widows returning to the ashram, she is unaware that it is Viplav that she is talking to. As soon as she realizes that it’s viplav, she confronts him and both of them break into a huge fight.

Now that the truth is out, will Viplav change his mind and not fight the case? Will Viplav’s hatred towards Dhani change his stance on fighting for what’s right? Where will Dhani and the other widows seek refuge?

To find out all this and more, don’t forget to watch Ishq Ka Rang Safed, Mon-Sat, 6:30 PM.

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