Is this the end for Bela and Mahir?
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  • July 12, 2019
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This week on Naagin, after a lot of chaos, Mahir and Bela reach a farmhouse that Vish has arranged for them. While they are away from everyone, the duo is seen spending a lot of quality time together. While #BeHir are finally together, Vish and Vikrant are followed by Sumi and her allies. The next day, Mahir is seen cooking for Bela while she goes to the temple in order to surrender the naagmani. Following Vish, Sumi reaches the farmhouse where Mahir and Bela are living. Without letting anyone know anything, she sets the farmhouse on fire. Back in the temple, Bela’s gut twitches and she goes back home only to find the farmhouse burnt! She’s both, shocked and shattered when she realizes that Mahir isn’t in the house! Where is Mahir? Has Bela lost Mahir forever?







Going forward, Bela is taken to a haveli where some men dressed in black outfits come there and drag her with them. These men are seen asking Bela questions about the naagmani, however, Bela isn’t conscious to answer them. As per orders, these men are now asked to seal Bela in a wall. Who could this person giving orders be? Will Bela regain consciousness? Tune in to Naagin 3 this Saturday and Sunday to find out more.









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